Taking Your New Puppy Home - How To Care For Him Or Her

The long awaited day has arrived! You are handed your precious, darling angel baby to cuddle, adore and love! It's time to go home little one.

Here you will find information to help you and your little one ease into life together. While I understand that everyone does things their way the tips you read here are what I do thus they are my tips to you. :) Take what helps and leave the rest.

Your litte one is 8 weeks old, that is still an infant! If you were bringing a human infant home where would you put the baby? On the floor?

No, that wouldn't be safe, there would probably be drafts, someone might step on him or her and there is no protection. After you have looked at, played with and utterly adored her the best place to put your precious one is her bed that you have specially prepared for all of her needs.

Let's see if it has all she needs:

Soft cuschion to lay on  - check
Blanket to cuddle in, on, with - check
Toys to play with - check
Stuffed animals to sleep with and or under - check
Chew toy for teething - check
Food - check
Water - check
A pee pee pad - check
Cage or pen covered on three sides to prevent drafts - check
Door to make sure puppy stays where you put him - check
Pen away from traffic flow of the house but where you can see baby - check

Let's see how our baby is doing:

Why is its pen the best place for your puppy 90% of the time for at least the first month or so?  Your puppy just left his or her mom, littermates and the environment that he grew up in. He was used to the sounds and smells. At your home now he has to get used to you, all the sounds, smells and being away from those he knew all at once. That is a lot to deal with!  Look at how terrified this puppy is. She has hidden herself under all of her stuffed animals. She feels safe there.  Give her time to adjust. It may take days or hours but let her do it at her pace.

In the meantime, talk to her while she is in her safe place (her bed). Reach in and pet her without moving her a few times.  Three or four times a day pick her up, hold her, cuddle her, rock her, do what you can in a slow soothing wat to let her know that she is safe.

When you're not sure what to do, think about what you would do if you had brought home a newborn. You would have a crib simularly prepared for her.

Just like newborns your angel baby will sleep 90% of the time. Make sure your environment is peaceful so that your baby can sleep vs being afraid.

Over the next month or so, his or her bed will become his safe place. Take him out to hold and play.  Allow him to eat in his pen. He sould be eating on his own by the time you take him home. I keep food available at all times for my babies. As they grow you will become familiar with their eating routine.

Want to let him play with toys on the floor? Here is how I do it to keep them safe and under control until potty trained. Put the handle of a walking leash under a table leg to secure it and the other end attached to the puppy. Give him lots of toys and a place to go potty.

Never allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the puppy for any reason! If you are tired, ill, exhausted or upset you will not be able to care for yourself let alone the puppy.  Take care of yourself. Always remember, you can put the puppy in his safe place at anytime for as long as you or he needs.

This is a good place to discuss emotions. There is no need to ever feel "have to's, guilt, pressure, overwhelmed or any feelings associated with your puppy other than joy! This is after all a dog not a human baby. Dogs do not have the needs that human babies do. Dogs need to know that YOU are in control, will provide their needs (food).  All they ever want to do is please you. They never feel neglected or any other negative feeling that you feel.  Don't project your feelings onto them. They are happy all the time.  Yes, they cry to tell you that they want out or attention or whatever but tend to their needs at your availability. I am not telling you this to sound mean. I am saying it to help you stay balanced and always realize the difference between a human vs a dog.

Here is some helpful information:

Canine Psychology and Behavior Resources

Slowly, over time, allow the puppy more and more freedom as he proves that he can handle it. With time and training he will be a treasured family member.

Stay balanced and both you and your new baby will be and feel joyful as you get to know each other. Enjoy your angel baby!


apollospace17@gmail.com said...

Again, great info Sally!

Most of us who have gotten a puppy in the past have had to seek out and try to sort out this information on our own. Great to have a place to go to get information based on your experience and expertice.

Jope and Ronna Cardone

Lesa Sloan said...

I appreciate your thoughts and advice, especially about staying balanced. It's important to stay calm and relaxed as a parent.

Tim Vaughn said...

I really appreciate the fine photo's, shows softness, comfort and security for Baby. Just like bringing home a newborn, we would do the same thing. A new parent may feel overwhelmed with a new puppy in their lives. If we take the time needed to LOVE, CUDDLE, and TRAIN. Take one day at a time. All stress will be filled with Love, devotion, and trust. Don't let anyone or anything take your JOY!!!Thank you Sally, for all you do. This is surely a learning experience.

Tim and Jane Vaughn

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sally thanks for the detailed information! We look forward to setting up special areas filled with all the necessities for a young puppy! Did not realize puppies experience hypoglycemia, glad you included a quick fix for that! Ashley experiences that as well with her diabetes, great to know to watch for the same signs!

Joey Cardone and Ashley Hefton

SallyDillon said...

Such a great reminder that we need to stay balanced! Mom guilt is a real thing with our fur babies too! Thank you again Sally for all the great information, it is so helpful!
Dillon Family

Lan Tran said...

Dear Sally,
Wow, great information. I was not aware that they are suppose to stay in their crates/cages in the beginning months. That is very good information and I feel much relief reading. My initial question was "where do I put the puppy so he doesn't run around and get stepped on?".

These blogs are so helpful and I am so glad you put your time into writing them. They are very well put together and simple to follow.
Lan T.

Denise Vallier said...

Again, thanks Sally for reminding me that puppies need to be in their crates 90% of the time. This is going to be the most difficult thing for me when bringing home a new puppy. If I had it my way puppy and I would be cuddling 90% of the time. I will have to practice restraint.

Denise Vallier

Stephanie Andrus said...

This is really helpful information. It is clear you know your stuff. Stephanie Andrus

Kimberly Wells-Moon said...

Honestly my husband thought i was crazy giving our first baby all the stuffed animals but I just felt like it was something that would comfort him and it did work our first baby still sleeps with all of them and he is a little over a yr old.

Karen Anderson said...

Great information Sally. Letting the puppy adjust at their pace is important. Having lots of toys and stuffed animals and a quiet space should be provided.
90% at first is a lot of time and eventually the puppy will spend more and more time with us.

Anonymous said...

Still loving these lists you provide, thank you! Makes it so easy to check off and make sure I have everything…and the little pup hiding among his stuffed animals—that is a precious, frame worthy picture! I like the way you’re correlating the puppy to a human baby’s age, makes it a little easier to understand methods and reasons, it’s all making sense!
-CD, Mapleton

Lisa Hurt said...

This is great information. They are babies and will take time to adjust. Careful planning and care are essential.

Lisa H. 05/23/18

Denise Ramsfield said...

This BLOG is AWESOME! The wealth of information provided details how to not become overwhelmed and keeping everything in balance with your new puppy! Sally, your explanation of the puppy's home and the role it plays is so helpful and we are planning to set up a 'copy' of your home you provide for the puppies. I'm sure we will reread this Blog many times.
Larry & Denise - Wyoming

Unknown said...

Oh wow, this is such great information. I can't get over how you really have covered all the bases for us. I will be reading and re-reading these blog posts in the coming days and weeks. -Jamie

Joyce Miller said...

You show us how to set up a safe and fun environment for the little one.....those kennels are so inviting makes me want to crawl in myself. I will research all these blogs over and over when times come closer. Thank you for all your research! You have thought of everything.

Samantha said...

The parallels for what to do with an 8 week old puppy are very similar as Sally points out in this post. It's not much different than what we'd like if we were put in a new place. A warm snuggly pile of stuffed animals especially one that kinda looks like mamma seems like quite a safe place to hide. Having a heated cushy bed to lay on may be essential for puppies, but it's something we'd all love to have when we lay in bed. I'm not sure if it was Sally or a commenter who 1st mentioned to me that baby teething toys for the most part will be perfect for comforting our little teething bundle of joy. Thanks Sally for correcting me before I bought fluid filled freezable teething toys!

Caliatra said...

Its helping me to move forward in being ready in every area..

Sue said...

Thanks for this very helpful information

Unknown said...

Thank you Sally, We can see how important balance is. Love without guilt. Happy Daddy, Happy Mommy, Happy Baby.

Carol Puphal said...

I feel reassured about the Disneyland home for the little one and leaving her in there while your busy around the home. It helped me to remember how much they sleep in the beginning. Now I won't feel guilty, but I'm going to want to hold her!

Mona said...

Good and realistic perspective on the difference between a dog vs. human! It's a good reminder not to project my own feelings onto the puppy. :)

Unknown said...

We haven't started shopping yet, but we sure have complete lists for when we do start!