Items I Use In Caring For My Puppies & Where I Got Them

People have asked me where I buy the various things I use in caring for my Maltese Angel Babies. I will add more as they are requested.

36" Pet Animal Kennel Pen Dog Crate Travel Carrier Folding Cage House 2 Door

The Double door dog crate uses professional gauge steel construction to provide the ultimate level of durability, function, and security for you pet. I especially love the side door making it easy to reach in to care for puppy! The fold and carry configuration requires no tools for assembly and can be set up or folded down in seconds and transferred with easy-to-attach plastic carrying handles, making it perfect for dog crate trainers, dog show competitors, professional breeders, and dog lovers and enthusiasts alike. Two doors allow easy access to your pet either thru the traditional front door or side door. With two access points the crate can be easily placed in your home or your car and is convenient to the often small spaces provided at busy dog shows. The slide-out plastic pan allows easy removal for cleaning and the dual slide bolt latches provide safety and security for your pet inside and furniture or other objects on the outside.

  • Double Door
  • Cages are Fully Pre-Assembled. To Use, Simply Unbox and Fold Open, No Tools are Qequired
  • Designed Crate Keeps Pets Secure Inside
  • Carrying Handle
  • Easy To Clean
  • With Tray (ABS Plastic)
  • Material: Metal
Details: Size 36" (36"x22"x25")

Cost: Around $45

Can be purchased on ebay here PRESS

Velveteen Solid Memory Foam Bath Mat

Luxurious memory foam cushioned core, machine washable for easy care and backed with nonslip backing  24" by 17"  Fits inside the above pen perfectly. The color tan can be bought in the store.

Price $12.34

Can be purchased here PRESS

Scale To Weigh Puppy

This scale is perfect to weigh your puppy on. You will be asked to weigh your puppy daily when you take him/her home to be sure she is eating. Be sure to get a plastic container to put the puppy in, it doesn't come with the scale.

Weighs in ounces and grams

Price $13.97

Can be purchased here Press

Pet Playpen with Door, 24-Inch

  • The IRIS 24'' Exercise 4-Panel Dog Playpen with Door can be used for dog play yards, play gate, small dog fence, and more.
  • The IRIS playpen is portable and provides 8 square feet of play space for pets.
  • Dog playpen with door is made of durable, heavy-duty molded plastic.
  • IRIS dog exercise pen with door is made in the USA.
  • IRIS Playpen measures: 35.25"L x 35.25"W x 24"H
  • Add-on panels are available to create large pet playpen. Easy to assemble with interlocking panels

If you need a bottom (if it's going to be on carpet) you can have a piece of laminated board cut at Home Depot a little larger than the play pen area. I put putty on each corner to keep it from slipping off.

Price $41.07

Can be purchased here PRESS

24pcs Baby Teether Ring Links To Hang Toys

I buy hanging toys and hang them from the top of their cage with these rings. They are fun and colorful! You will need about 5 rings per hanging toy. I usually hang 4 or more of them.

Price $10.99

Can be purchased here PRESS

Medicated Dog Wipes - Antifungal & Antibacterial Wipes

  • DOG WIPES ANTISEPTIC 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate and 2% Miconazole Nitrate - WORKS ON ALL BREEDS AND SIZES ! Yorkies, Maltese, Bulldogs, Poodles
  • GREAT DOG EAR WIPES AND DOG CLEANING WIPES SENSITIVE MADE IN USA ! TRUST OUR EXCLUSIVE, ADVANCED FORMULA! – Our specially designed supplement formula contains higher concentration of antifungal and antibacterial per wipe
  • DOG DEODORIZING WIPES ANTI ITCH DOG WIPES SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - like all our other Nootie dog supplies and products for pets and dogs

Price $13.99

Can be purchased here PRESS

Microplush Heating Pad, 6 Heat Settings, Select Hour Auto-Off Or Auto-On, Moist/Dry Heat, 12" x 15"

It is VERY important to keep your baby warm especially in the first couple of months home. For babies from birth to 10 weeks the saying is, "a cold puppy is a dead puppy". This is because they can't digest their food when cold. Bottom line, keep your baby warm. Even when they are grown, Maltese crave heat.

THIS particular heating pad is the best I have found. The reasons are many.  It's soft, has a removable cover that can be washed. It's the perfect size. The heat setting can be adjusted and you can set it to auto on (recommended).

Put it in their bed towards the front UNDER their memory foam pad usually only on #1 to keep them warm. It's important to allow a space that is heated and a space that isn't so they can move to wherever they want as needed. Use some bread ties to attach the cord to the side away from puppy so they don't chew it. They can get electrocuted by chewing on the cord.

Price $30.79

Can be purchased here PRESS

Hanging Toys

Fun toys to hang in cage for puppy to play with.  These have sounds too!  They also help with teething.  Look around in Amazon for the type that makes a crinkle noise and or is musical or makes some kind of sound.  They like them best.

Price 4 for $14.59

Can be purchased herePRESS

Fisher-Price Rock 'n Play Portable Bassinet

This basinette has been the greatest item I have bought! It's so easy to just push a button, it collapses and I put it where it's needed. It's very lightweight. I put it next to my desk while I work or next to the bed or next to their pen while cleaning it. Take it with you when traveling or visiting. It's just one of those things that come in handy all the time, at least around here! My babies are always close by. :)

Price $73.07

Can be purchased here PRESS

SMALL IRIS Puppy and Dog Training Pet Pad Holder

This is the size pad holder that fits inside the pen above - order size- small. The IRIS Floor Protection Tray will keep your floors safe while you’re potty training a new pet!  The double latches are designed to lock the pad securely in place and keep it from slipping or tearing. A high polish finish makes the training pad tray easy to clean, while non-skid rubber feet protect the floor from scratches and hold tray in place.
Dimensions: 19.3 x 16.5 x 1.2 inches ; 1.45 pounds

Can be purchased on Amazon here PRESS

Perfect Dog Freedom  Nylon Training Lines Set of 3 Lines10 Feet, 3 Feet, 6 Inches Long

No more running around to try to catch your puppy. You can step on the line trailing behind him as he runs away. Just step on it, call your puppy while slowly pulling him to you, win - win! All of my dogs wear them all the time. Be careful during puppyhood and while playing with another dog as there could be strangulation hazard.

Price $14.99

Can be purchased here PRESS

Always Bright Eyes -Tear Stain Remover for Maltese - Complete Set Includes Powder, Liquid And Application Brushes -All Natural

Tired Of Tear Stain? There is finally something that works! Always Bright Eyes is the culmination of 20 years of experience breeding Maltese by Alan and Veronica Fawcett AKA Always Maltese. The years of practical hands on experience of trying one product after another led them to develop products for themselves. The resulting tear stain remover they developed keeps to there “all natural” approach to raising Maltese and grooming them. Always Bright Eyes contains no bleach, peroxides or harsh chemicals. Always Bright Eyes acts as a natural antibiotic, anti fungal and anti bacterial to treat the source of the stains and has natural drying and lightening agents that remove the unsightly stains. Finally a product that works!

Price $39.95

Can be purchased here PRESS

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diapers (Pack of 3) - Washable Male Dog Belly Wrap

No Accident & Happy Pets
Wegreeco washable male dog wraps are designed to prevent accidents from turning into messes. Whether your pet isn't fully house-trained yet, an elderly dog with age-related incontinence or or leakage problems from any other cause, our washable doggie diapers male will keep you,and your pet happy.

Soft & Comfortable 
The dog diapers for male dogs are designed with high quality, environmental, Breathable and soft design mesh lined fabric, which is smooth to the dog’s skin, and stay dry. They are made of light material, more convenient for you to carry. An  ideal for travel in the car or in dog friendly stores and restaurants. Enjoy your dog in your home without the worry of soiling on floors or furniture and keep your house clean. 

Tested & Durable
All of our Dog Diapers are given to our Pets and Pets Store before production so we know they will hold up to actual use by your pets.
Wegreeco takes great attention on Quality and Durability. All of the diapers are precise stitching and quality interior & exterior fabric, these make diapers for dogs durable and ready to take the abuse of casual wear, accidents, play, and can withstand numerous washings.

You have to put a pad inside to absorb urine. I use Poise Pads, Ultimate Supreme #6, Regular Length. I cut each one into 3 equal pieces and use 1 piece per change. They stick inside of the wrap very well. This does not catch feces droppings.

Puppies wear size XXS. I use these all the time.
Price $15.99

Can be purchased here PRESS

Luxury Reusable Dog Diapers (3-Pack) - Durable Dog Wraps for Female Pets by Pet Magasin

You have to put a pad inside to absorb urine. I use Poise Pads, Ultimate Supreme #6, Regular Length. I cut each one into 3 equal pieces and use 1 piece per change. They stick inside of the diaper very well. This does not catch feces droppings.

Puppy size is Xtra Small

Price $16.97 for pack of 3

Can be purchased here PRESS

Poise Pads Ultimate Absorbency Regular Length

These are very absorbent pads, the best I have found. As I said above, I cut each one into 3 pads and use them inside of the wrap or diaper to absorb urine. Change about 2 - 3 times a day. I wash their tummy area (where the wet pad was) with clear, warm water before applying another one.

Price $11.99 for 33 pads

These can be bought at Riteaid, Walmart, Target, most places.

Disposable Blue Underpads 23 X 36, 150/Case

150 for  $27.47

Can be purchased here PRESS

Best Pig Ears That I Buy 

These 100% Natural USA Pig Ear Dog Treats are single ingredient and fully digestible unlike other highly processed rawhide products. Made right here in America, these chews are packed with protein and free of any additives to ensure your pups are getting the nutrients they deserve. These Pig Ears are also uncut and slow cooked to lock in all of the savory pork juices dogs love. Reward your pooch with 100% Natural USA Pig Ear Dog Treats and keep them happy and healthy!

I keep these on the table next to my chair. When puppy wants to chew my hand I replace it with a pig ear. They always have one in their bed with them and wherever their toys are. This keeps them from chewing on other things. They are flat which is perfect for the little ones and all natural.

Price $4.25/ear

Can be purchasedherePress 

Stainless Steel Cups for Pet Pens Or Cages - Various Sizes

Stainless Steel Coop Cups are designed to securely bolt to any wire cage to hold water or food. • Easy to clean and extremely durable • Attaches easily to a cage • Removes easily with a twist of the wingnut. ProSelect Stainless Steel Coop Cups are available in 8oz, 16oz, 26oz, and 64oz sizes. Materials: 14/4 Stainless-Steel (14% Chrome/4% Nickel) Capacities: • 8 oz. / 1 cup / 227 ml • 16 oz. / 2 cups / 473 ml • 26 oz. / 3¼ cups / 768 ml • 64 oz. / 8 cups / 1.9 L

We use the small 8oz and the 16 oz ones in our pens.

Price $7.51

Can be purchased here PRESS

Wellness Natural WellBites Soft Dog Treats

Show your dog extra love with a treat that is as healthy and wholesome as it is tasty. Grain Free WellBites blend together fresh meat, fruits & veggies to provide a craveable treat training, treating or just plain spoiling! Hold it as puppy chews on it as there may be a choke hazard otherwise. I do not give treats often but when I do I want them to be healthy.

Price $8.49

Can be purchased here PRESS

Double Sided Plastic Fine Tooth Comb To Clean Gunk Out Of Eyes

I use these almost daily to comb out the gunk that get in the corner of their eyes. Works great. Be sure to keep these clean after each use.

Price $1.57 for 2 of them

Can be purchased here PRESS

Electrical Pet Clipper Rechargable

Product Color: Black Gold
Charging time: five hours
Tool type: ceramic titanium head
Size: 175mm * 45mm
Duration: 70 minutes
Rechargeable batteries: high-performance environmentally friendly batteries
Rated frequency: 50 / 60HZ
Limit comb: 3/6/9 / 12mm
Rated voltage: 110-240v Universal
Charging line length: 1.8m
Product accessories: box, brochures, four limit comb, a charger, a bottle of lubricating oil, a cleaning brush

Price $17.49

Can be purchased here PRESS

7Pcs/Lot Pet Grooming Scissors

Package Included:
1x Cutting Scissor
1x Thinning Scissor
1x Curved Scissor Point Up
1x Curved Scissor Point Down
1x Comb
1x Clean Cloth
1x Scissors Case

1. Brand new and high quality material
2. Multi-functional Scissors,2 Curved Scissor+1 Cutting Scissor+Thinning Scissor,and also provides a comb.
3. 6 inch Scissors,professional pet grooming and hair cutting product
4. Easy to use,with a scissors case for convenient to carry

2.Scissor Length: 17cm
3.Material: Stainless Steel
4.Scissor Case Size : 24x 10 x 3cm

Price $15.93

Can be purchased here PRESS

Adjustable Grooming Arm (attach to table)

  • Grooming Arm adjustable to 36", clamp opens to 1.8" wide
  • 18" Grooming Loop (color may vary)
  • FREE Small/Medium No Sit Haunch Holder - (19" and 21")
  • Note: Screw the hex nut located on the underside of clamp tightly for maximum stability

Price $41.99

Can be purchased here PRESS

Tomlyn Nutri-Cal Puppy Dietary Supplement

High Calorie Nutritional Supplement for Puppies. The standard for a high energy nutritional supplement. Provides appetite stimulation. Concentrated sources of vitamins and minerals. Highly palatable with an irresistible taste your pet will love! This is a must have item to keep on hand since your puppy is prone to hypoglycemia. Squeeze a strip of it on a finger, rub it onto their tongue and all is well.

Price $8.68

Can be purchased here PRESS

Instinct Original Grain Free Natural Wet Canned Dog Food by Nature's Variety

Price $19.39 case of 6

Can be purchased here PRESS

Hands Free Dog Carrier Backpack Breathable Mesh Front Travel Bag Adjustable Padded Shoulder Strap and Pockets Can Be Used for Camping Hiking Outdoor

Made of strong and sturdy canvas, the carrier is quit comfortable for both you and your pet. I like this style especially because it keeps my little one up close to me. If my puppy is too small I just add a blanket or two till its just right!

Price $22.99

Can be purchased herePRESS

Pet Dog Car Seat Carrier Portable Safety Multifunction Pet Dog Car Seat Booster Chair Carrier For Puppy Dog

Material: Polyester+Cotton
Size: 44cm × 27cm × 23cm
Color: Black, Camouflage
Package include:
1 x Pet Car Seat
This pet seat fits in between the driver's seat and the passenger seat, it helps safe driving and provide a secure place for the dog, moreover it does not occupy any potential seats for humans. Special design for small pets under 12lbs.
1. This item may not fit some consoles of compact cars, please measure the width between your front car seats if you are not sure about that.
2. Except the console, you can also install this product on a car seat.

Price $24.00

This is coming directly from China so it will take 3 to 4 weeks to get. Be patient.

Can be purchased here PRESS

Durable Dog Harness Vest Comfort Soft Breathable Dog Pet Vest  Chose Your Color

Price $1.01

This is coming directly from China so it will take 3 to 4 weeks to get. Be patient.

Can be purchased here PRESS

Dog Harness Vest Comfort Soft Breathable Dog Pet Vest  Chose Your Color

Price $1.33

This is coming directly from China so it will take 3 to 4 weeks to get. Be patient.

Can be purchased here PRESS

Small Dog Clothes Chihuahua Pet Dogs Knitwear Dog Sweater Puppy Warm Coat

Price $2.95

This is coming directly from China so it will take 3 to 4 weeks to get. Be patient.

Can be purchased here PRESS

Fun Pet Dog Clothes Cartoon 

For puppies, order xxsmall. These are so very cute!

Price $3.50

This is coming directly from China so it will take 3 to 4 weeks to get. Be patient.

Can be purchased here PRESS

Small Dog Water Fountain 950ml Plastic Water Bowl Automatic Feeder 

Automatic Pet Drinking Fountains
Material: Plastic
Product Size: Length 22.5cm, Width 12.5cm, High 18cm
Color: Black 

Price $12.56

This is coming directly from China so it will take 3 to 4 weeks to get. Be patient.

Can be purchased here PRESS

Small Hair Bows With Rhinestone Center

Price 30 bows for $11.99

This is coming directly from China so it will take 3 to 4 weeks to get. Be patient.

Can be purchased here PRESS

More Colorful Hair Bows

Price 10 bows for $2.84

This is coming directly from China so it will take 3 to 4 weeks to get. Be patient.

Can be purchased here PRESS

100 Bag Of Colorful Small Rubber Bands

Price $.92

This is coming directly from China so it will take 3 to 4 weeks to get. Be patient.

Can be purchased here PRESS


  1. A lot of great items. Even though I have owned Maltese's fro years there are some great items I have not seen before.

    Joe and Ronna Cardone

  2. Tim and Jane VaughnMarch 17, 2018 at 6:47 PM

    Thank you Sally, great ideas!! I don't have anything yet for my puppy. This information is so helpful, I'm going to pick up an item every week. I'll be ready for my little angel when I pick him up. You are so good at what you do. I'm so excited!!!

    Tim and Jane Vaughn

  3. Thanks for this list, Sally, I’ve added every item on it to my shopping list. I just wanted to pass this along: the EBay seller for the Kennel has upped the price to $79.90. I see that AmazonBasics has a 36” kennel option for around $42, but among the thousands of positive reviews there are a couple that give pause: some broken wires and cut pets, so buyer beware.
    -CD, Mapleton

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    to 'my list' to have for when I get to bring my puppy home!
    I have had 2 Maltese puppies and never had any help before. This is so wonderful and makes the transition much easier and successful for new puppy, mommy and daddy!
    Larry & Denise Ramsfield - Wyomimng

  7. What a fun shopping list! I am going to get on Amazon and start my wish list as soon as I send you my application. Thank you so much for doing all of this, Sally! xx

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    Thanks for all these fun ideas!

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to help us all.

    We are so looking forward to the arrival of our new baby!


  16. This was one of my favorite sites. Here you go again showing how amazing you are. We have our lists of what to get and now you help us with where to purchase, the costs, sizes, and all we have to do to find out where to get them is "press here". You are making it very easy for us. Thank you!

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    Sonya & Terry
    (Maxie's Mom & Dad)

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    Marjie W.

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