What Is Maltese Angel Baby "Disneyland"

What Is Puppy Disneyland?

Most people have heard that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth for children and adults alike. It's a place created for fun that's filled with color and wonder. Well, that's the type of environment I create for my Angel Babies and highly encourage you to replicate.  What you see above is a self contained 24/7 wonderland for puppies, especially small ones like the Maltese breed.

This puppy wonderland includes:

A heating pad to keep puppy warm & cozy
Memory foam pad to rest on
Soft warm fluffy blanket to lay on
Pee pee pad for potty needs
Food dishes that can't be knocked over
An enclosed pen to limit stimuli which reduces stress & anxiety
Fluffy stuffed animals that replicate their Mom and are great to cuddle with & on
Toys to play with & carry around
A mirror that puppy thinks is his/her play buddy
Chew toys for teething puppy
Hanging toys to hide behind and play with
Front grate to prevent puppy from jumping out
Colorful back wall blanket to complete the look of color and happiness

1st Day In Disneyland Video

Playing With Hanging Toys

Now that you see what it includes, ask yourself, "Where will I put my puppy when I bring him/her home"?  Your puppy will be a little over 1lb when you go home.  You can't hold your baby all day.  You also have a life apart from baby.  You cannot put the infant puppy on the floor and walk away.  Would you do that to a human baby? 

How will you get anything done while worrying if the baby is safe, has food to eat, their potty needs are met, has something to play with, is warm enough and is happy?  It is for all of the above reasons that I created this environment to meet all of those needs and more.

Here is a link to a litter of puppies being introduced to Disneyland for the 1st time

So, Disneyland is a win win for puppy's needs and yours. Never again will you wonder why you got a puppy!  Instead, my Angel Baby parents say that this was the easiest puppy they have ever had due to Disneyland!

I highly recommend that all of my Angel Baby parents create their own Disneyland for their baby. In doing so, you will have a seamless transition from my home to yours when baby comes home.  It makes all the difference for puppy when moving to a new home and bonding to new people and situations!

In the next post I will discuss all aspects of how to make your own Disneyland. There is more to it than you may think.

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  1. PUPPYLAND........absolutely adorable. These guys are sooooooooo happy! NOTHING looks run down or dangerous.
    Anxious for your next blog!
    Joyce Miller

  2. Larry and I have had RITZY for one week! She is PERFECT! We can't say enough about 'Disneyland'! Since our arrival home (very 1st night) we have used it! The transitions from Sally's (breeder) to our house has gone without a hitch. We have had NO issues of adjustment or frustration! NO accidents, barking, whining, etc! AND, Ritzy is using her pee-pee pads perfectly as Sally told us she would.
    QUESTION? Have YOU thought about what you're going to do with with your new puppy when you bring it home? That is what Sally asked us... Where will you keep her? Or even as time passes by (1 year or longer)? Where will your puppy stay? Be safe? Go potty?, etc.? Especially when you're not home? (working or shopping)?
    The answer is: DISNEYLAND! RITZY LOVES IT! We have one at home and one at our office! You can't play with them or hold them 24/7 (even though you would like to). They need a place where they feel safe and warm!
    Our goal was to copy (as close as possible) Sally's Disneyland! We didn't want to bring our puppy home and the puppy to want to 'go back' to Sally's because her Disneyland was better! Seriously, It is a wonderful tool
    that makes bringing a new puppy home wonderful for ALL!
    THANK YOU SALLY for ALL your outstanding ideas and information you give to Angel Babies Parents. This has been one of our best experiences we have ever had! We are loving our new beautiful puppy, RITZY & we are forever friends!
    Larry & Denise Ramsfield

  3. Disneyland for babies? It truly is. Sally thanks again for taking all of the guesswork out of what to do with baby when you get home. Out of the 5 Maltese puppies we have raised over the last 26 years, Disneyland is by far the best way I have used to raise and acclimate our new baby. Our baby Cassi will be a year old this month and she still loves her Disneyland home. Since she is potty trained Cassi has the run of the house now. So I put Disneyland on the floor for her and she still loves to go in there on her own to play, nap, or just lounge around. It's truly one of the happiest places on earth for our baby!
    For all of you about to become parents of an Angel Baby, Disneyland will truly make a huge difference in your new babies happiness. Just follow the information above, or better yet call Sally...she has all the answers!

    Joe and Ronna
    Bend Oregon

  4. I’m convinced that Disneyland was KEY in the perfect transition when we brought our little baby home! We copied Sally’s set up as close as possible, down to which side she had the potty pads on and which side she had the bed on. Our little baby went right in without hesitation and started happily playing immediately. (We have video to prove it!) We had to change things up once he started to reach sexual maturity (marking behavior)…but up until then, no potty mistakes at all: our baby knew right where to do his business each and every time from day one, hour one, in our home. In combination with the food Sally sends home and the blanket with the scent of his birth-mama and his litter mates, our transition was…I daresay…flawless! No crying or sleepless nights. We had an ongoing game of “find the baby”: it was so hard to see him among all the stuffed toys…he really loved to snuggle into them and I think they really helped him feel secure and safe…so go all the way…add *all* the toys and truly make a Disneyland for you baby…their second happiest place on earth (the first being at your side ;P)

  5. "Disneyland" is a great concept. I wish I would have done this for my previous babies. I'm sure they would have loved it! Looking forward to my new baby having an easy transition utilizing the "Disneyland" method.

  6. Through talking with Denise and Sally and reading the comments we have every faith that Coconut is going to love his Disneyland and we'll have smooth sailing during his first few months with his new Mom and Dad.

    Sally's idea for rings to hang toys from the top of the crate was a great solution to my problem of how to make a "mobile" type toy for him.

  7. Puppy Disneyland is the greatest! My family has had Maltese for many years, and when it was finally time for my fiancé and I to get a baby of our own, Sally’s system made everything so much easier! When we brought home our Lacie the transition was almost seamless. There were no lost nights of sleep, she used her poddy pad, she knew where she could find everything that she wanted, and it allowed for a much simpler process when we began to give her more freedoms around the home. We could tell that Lacie truly felt safe when she was in there, and she had fun too!

    Joey and Ashley
    Bend, Oregon

  8. Wow a Dogs dream..its helping me prepare for what I need..

  9. Thanks for the videos! Those puppies look like they love it in there!

  10. The Disneyland pad is an amazing concept for the babies. The babies are Happy, Adjusted and Safe, playing with the toy's.


  11. Ok....this is pure genius! I can see that having a Disneyland would be the perfect solution to a happy puppy when you bring your the new puppy home. I love the idea that the angel baby will feel at home but it also provides the solution for being able to leave the room without worrying. I just Love this!

    Wow....thank for this very helpful plan.

  12. I never thought that it was possible to have a pee pad, food, water, sleeping area in one. This makes a ton of sense for a dog of these size, but I always thought they had to be separated. And people have strong opinions of having dogs pee outside, but that doesn't make sense with the rain and hot sun. I think I'll just buy everything on your list, so it mirrors the puppies Disneyland from birth. :)

  13. The difference between an Angel Baby who has a Disneyland, and other puppies who don’t :(

    My Angel Baby, Tigh, has had a “Disneyland” since birth: he’s a little over a year old and amazing. He never had any adjustment issues when he came home, never cried and always slept through the night…he happily bounded in and out of his Disneyland to play and knew to potty on the potty pad. When I told him “bed!” he excitedly hopped right in to play on his own and eventually sleep—a dream, right? I may have lost a little sleep just to watch or take pictures of him dozing (usually on his back-lol!), but I never lost sleep due to him crying or being upset. To this day, he enjoys his Disneyland (he likes to tug, wrestle and play growl with the hanging toys the most!)

    A few months ago with Sally’s help, we “rescued” a puppy: we knew she wasn’t one of Sally’s babies (NOT an Angel Baby), but Sally called us one day and told us all about how this little girl needed a home. I was a little hesitant because I knew I wanted our next puppy to be an Angel Baby and I wasn’t really willing to settle, but with Sally’s help, we decided to bring home this little baby girl that very evening! Let me tell you, the difference between this sweet little girl and an Angel Baby was instantly apparent.

    Holy moly you guys—the DIFFERENCE between Tigh, who was raised with a Disneyland since birth, and our newest little baby girl (named Esprit), who never knew a Disneyland was NIGHT & DAY. Esprit came to us a few weeks older than Tigh did, and with tear stains…and she was SO maladjusted to being away from her momma and liter that the transition was a little bit of a nightmare: all those horror stories you read online about the puppy screaming all night, being woken up by her, destroying her bed etc etc etc. And Esprit has this particularly *horrific* screeching cry that you could hear through our house and way out in the yard, hundreds of feet away—it was terrible. I was actually worried that someone would call the ASPCA. Esprit would literally bite the wires of her new Disneyland while banging her head against the side of it—I wish I could post the video I have of it—it was spooky to see a poor little baby in such distress. Her transition home was painful—Esprit ISN’T an Angle Baby and it was obvious from the get-go :(

    To some people, their puppy is “just a dog”…but to Angle Baby parents, these precious little ones are our babies. You wouldn’t just rip a baby away from it’s mother and liter *the day* of “sale”, to hand it over to her new mother with a pat on the back and a “good luck”?—NO! These are beautiful, living creatures with feelings and personalities and Sally honors that with her babies…I really can’t imagine why people would settle for less—why?!—it’s not fair to you or the new puppy.

    There’s a happy ending here: with the help of Sally and our trainer, Esprit is SO awesome, too! Different than her big brother, Tigh, but amazing in her own right. Again, she’s no Angel Baby, and that’s obvious when you look at her, but she’s happy, smart as a whip, and treats her Disneyland just like Tigh does now. Oh, and she’s been sleeping through the night for about two months now. She’s been a lot of work. I’d strongly urge you to save yourself the sadness and frustration of your baby’s adjustment and set up a Disneyland for them so they have a place they know and love as soon as they come home!

    --CD, EP, Tigh and Esprit

  14. So, although I am a person of many words- it’s time for me to read, converse, and learn.

    I have to say that this is so exciting! Questions and pictures to follow.

  15. In reality, the idea of Disneyland for puppies is ingenious, but logical. As a parent preparing for my first human baby, I made sure that the nursery was set up with a crib, a stimulating mobile, stuffed animals, cozy blankets, etc. Sally had the creativity to apply this concept to raising Maltese Angel Babies! From reading the comments above, and talking to an Angel Baby parent, I am convinced of the importance of creating this positive atmosphere and specific safe place for my baby when I bring him/her home. I have raised both Bichon Frise and Maltese puppies in the past and I wish I would have thought of this idea myself (or had found Sally's website!). Although all my puppies have turned out to be wonderful family members, I appreciate that Sally provides this stimulation and positive atmosphere from the babies' births so that when they go home with their human parents, they are already well adjusted and comforted by the Disneyland in their new homes.
    Marjie W

  16. Sally, I absolutely love this! I can't wait to start building my Puppy Disneyland. I think this is a perfect was to help with introducing a new Puppy into my home. All off the little touches, the mirror, toys to cuddle with and hanging toys to keep the little angel entertained. Perfect in my mind, who doesn't love Disneyland.

  17. Wow, Puppy Disneyland is a perfect set up. I love this and will be setting one up for our baby. The mirror is a great idea too! Loved the videos! Great for entertaining the little one while getting those items that need to be done around the house.

  18. Angel Baby Disneyland, what a brilliant idea and I can totally see how it would work well. This is such great information to ensure the happiness and safety of the puppy. Thank you!

  19. This is the most delightful and helpful Maltese Blog Site we've ever seen! Sally's house is tailored exactly to the needs of these teeny-tiny babies - we are learning many new ideas for helping puppies to transition from their breeding home to permanent home. Although we've owned a Maltese in the past, we were unfamiliar with the Disneyland Concept - this is now a DEFINITE for us whenever we're fortunate to gain a new baby. The safety and security provided by Disneyland are invaluable. It's also amazing how spotlessly clean and organized that Sally & Steve keep their home - Maltese Angel Babies sets the Gold Standard for breeders anywhere in the world. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for parenting one of these precious living beings. We are awed by this Breeder. The puppies look so healthy and beautiful - we have already memorized the names of all of them! Diane & Charles

  20. This Disneyland idea is brilliant! How easy it is when all you do is create somewhere your baby loves to be in. Sally creates a play box for her babies and gives step by step directions to her Angel parents to replicate.
    This is a super creative and simple and easy idea to make the new baby comfortable in their new homes, because it's something familiar to them so they always feel safe. Fantastic idea we can't wait to start ours!

    John & Betty

  21. I love the idea of the puppy Disneyland, I haven’t seen anything like it before! So excited to get started. When I spoke with Sally the first time I asked her if I could have my puppy in bed with me but she made me realize that these angel babies are TINY, and they would be so much safer and happier in their play pens. It seems to be a much easier adjustment for them. My husband and I are so excited to get started on ours.
    Jen & Jay
    Seattle, WA

  22. We love the idea of Disneyland. It is so helpful to have pictures of the items that you put in the Disneyland. It is a great way to transition from Sally to when the puppy gets home. They go right back to something very familiar. We are already looking at where to buy the items.

    Stuart & Shirlee
    Portland, OR

  23. Wow! I love the idea that the angel baby will feel at home when she comes home with us. Safe!
    Gay & Don
    Milwaukie OR

  24. The Disneyland is a lovely idea! Perfect! A poochie boudoir and playland that is a cute cozy den, but, so practical and safe. All the comforts and needs fulfilled. We love the idea and can't wait to get started. How fun!
    Steve & Stephanie
    Maple Valley, WA

  25. Can't wit to create a magical place for my new baby.
    So many great ideas. Thanks

  26. This is a great idea! It will help with a smooth transition to our home and integrating her with our other fur babies. Not too much time with them for awhile so she can grow and be healthy.
    Jenn & Chris, Wilsonville, OR

  27. This is brilliant! This meets all the needs of the baby and is without the stresses of transition to their new pawrents. Plus they are not just stuck in a cage, the are at pup Disney. Walt would be proud🐾💕🐶

  28. This is brilliant! This meets all the needs of the baby and is without the stresses of transition to their new pawrents. Plus they are not just stuck in a cage, the are at pup Disney. Walt would be proud🐾💕🐶 I wish I would have found you years ago. The transition was so hard for us with Riley. We lost so much sleep with him as a new puppy. I am so glad to find something that will make my new baby happy and not hard on him for the transition to our home!

    Eugene, OR

  29. Perfect way to help our baby have a smooth transition! Amazing idea and love that I will have a secure place for our puppy when I can’t always watch them or they want uninterrupted sleep. Happy to have a system that will make the transition less stressful!

  30. Brittany GrenfellMay 5, 2020 at 12:26 PM

    This Disneyland concept is great! You cannot put a price on having a crate-trained dog. Every dog should have their 'safe area', where they can relax and be happy. There are times when a dog has to go in a crate and it's a traumatic experience when the dog is terrified of what should be his/her safe place.

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  32. This is truly an amazing concept. It's has been proven to work just from hearing about other folks experience. It's like Sally has the formula for success! AMAZING!

    Sonia, Seattle WA

  33. I just love Ms. Sally's concept of Disneyland for these babies, it is an ingenious idea that JUST MAKES SENSE! I don't know who will enjoy it more, our baby or my daughter and I. I anticipate hours and hours of entertainment watching our baby play and develop!

  34. I loved the video seeing how happy the puppies were in their Disneyland. I would have never thought of the hanging toys and the mirror. Sally thinks of everything.

    Henderson, Nevada

  35. Puppy Disneyland is a great idea. It makes a lot of sense. It keeps the puppy safe, secure and healthy. This is a great idea that I will certainly implement.

  36. This is so intricate and amazing. What a great idea! A seem,Ed’s transition and a safe snuggly place. I love it!!
    Emma Sheridan Oregon

  37. Puppy Disneyland is an appropriate name! It looks so fun and colorful that anyone would want to play in there. The Happiest Place on Earth for sure!
    Darielle, Los Alamitos CA

  38. I am so excited to create a Disneyland for my baby! This is absolutely the most amazing idea for making sure your new puppy is happy but also secure and safe. Absolutely brilliant! Marilyn,Eugene, OR

  39. I am so excited about Puppy Disneyland! I love that it is something safe and familiar that I can create for my baby. I love that you include a list of everything I will need to prepare and have set-up for my puppy when she gets home. I will definitely be referring back to it when I start shopping.
    Hood River, OR

  40. looks like they are having so much fun. Cant wait to create disneyland for my puppy

  41. the disneyland is amazing i am so excited to start getting all the toys and blankets, everything my new angel baby will needs to come to his or her forever home

  42. Disneyland is a wonderful way to contain everything, keep baby safe and have peace of mind. Am so looking forward to putting everything together. Its like having a new baby all over again. Thank you Sally for creating this idea. Elizabeth S, Lacey/WA

  43. Puppies are a lot of work! They're fragile, vulnerable, excited, curious - it's really easy for them to get up to no good, to be a distraction, to be super high maintenance! These things should be expected, and it's important to go into this eyes-wide-open. It's a DREAM to have found a breeder and partner in Sally that's going to do most of the work for you. By the time your puppy comes home, they're already used to the environment that Sally tells you EXACTLY how to have waiting for them. Follow these instructions, and you'll have the most seamless and successful experience on a very large undertaking in bringing a beautiful puppy into your home and lifestyle!

    Patricia Downes, San Francisco CA

  44. Sally, thank you so much for posting so much information about Disneyland - what a great idea, it relieves a lot of anxiety about bringing such a small puppy home. It is such a great idea and the information about how it works for your "pawrents" is appreciated.

  45. Love the ideas you put together for us. Already collecting the items to make our own 'Disneyland'. Peggy Z.

  46. I used pads, toys and blankets before for my dogs but never thought about a heating pad or memory foam pad. Also hanging baby toys are very smart to keep them entertained especially when they’re alone.Your list has everything they need. Thank you, Sally for sharing all of that!
    Evrim B., Seattle,WA

  47. What a great Idea never thought of providing a spot so that the Puppy would be comfortable and not feel left out. After 5 Maltese its great to learn that they can be left without having anxiety.
    Ken & Marcia
    Sparks NV

  48. Thank you Sally for genius concept of Disneyland puppies ... and advise for me to have one, I tell you even I'm not approve yet I start to make one ! I can not wait for my puppy boy to arrive.
    Manijee S

  49. Love the idea of a Disneyland and looking forward to building one for my baby. I think I will have two of them one in my office and other in my living room. Getting baby toys and stuffed animals is a very good idea. I will also be looking for a few soft blankets to add.Feels like Im getting ready for a newborn to come home. Connie M. Klamath Falls, OR.

  50. Your “Disneyland” concept is something I look forward to setting up. Many items I
    already have on hand, but many of them I do not. I will definitely be acquiring those
    over the next couple of months. The concept certainly provides the babies with an
    entertaining and safe environment.

  51. What a great concept to keep baby safe and health!

  52. Enjoyed watching the puppies being introduced to the Disneyland for the first time. Maybe a little too much. They look so delightful.
    Jayden K, Seattle, WA