How To Create Your Own Disneyland

Without further ado, let's get started with all aspects of creating your own Disneyland!

What Will You Set The Cage On?

The recommended cage is 36" by 24". The entrance door to the cage is in the center on the 36" side.  This is ideal and makes it very easy to manage everything  inside.  My cage is on a table that is at least 37" by 25" and it's about 30" off the floor. I keep Disneyland high for many reasons such as:

Easy access
Easy to see and watch puppy
Puppy can easily see me and whoever
No drafts
Puppy is a part of the family instead of being shut up in a cage on the floor
I can see how the puppy is eating
I can watch/monitor behaviors closely
I know how much puppy is playing/sleeping
I can keep pee pee pads clean and know baby's potty habits

There is room under and on top of the cage for storage that includes:

Pee pee pads
A lined garbage can
Scale & paper to record weights
A folding pen to put puppy in during cleaning and pad changes

Location In Your House

Once you have it all together, where in your house will you put it?  I suggest putting it in a central location where you can see your puppy the most.  You want to be able to observe him or her while you go about your daily activities easily.  You want to be able to play and hold the puppy near their home. Be sure to think this out.  I suggest that you put your baby at the center of your universe. It will make a BIG difference once you take puppy home.

Do not put it in your bedroom unless you want to be kept awake at night and seclude your puppy during the day!

The Cage

This is 24" Deep by 36" Wide. There are two doors, one on the left side and one in the center of the front.  We will use the center door.  You can find everything on this page at this link on the blog.

Items I Use In Caring For My Puppies & Where I Got Them

It is recommended to cover the entire cage EXCEPT the front with either a blanket or sheet for several reasons:

Keeps out drafts
Decreases stimuli & distractions that will stress your puppy
The puppy will focus on you
The puppy will feel safer
The puppy will be able to sleep without fear of unexpected things happening around them

If it helps your puppy, you can put a blanket or sheet over the front at night to help him sleep or when company comes over to shield puppy or when napping during the day if needed.

A Grid/Grate To Keep Puppy From Falling Out

When you open the door, your puppy will be there to greet you. You will need to find and secure a grate of some sort to put across the opening to keep puppy from falling out. I used a wire shelf with the legs poking outward secured with twist ties.  It works!  Some have used longer racks for cookies or wire shelves like I did.  Think out of the box. Hint: don't use cardboard. He or she will chew it up in a hurry! Use something that you can see through so that you can observe your puppy.

The Heating Pad

I put the heating pad on the left side of the pen (personal choice).  This is a special heating pad for several reasons.  It can be set to turn off after 2 hours or to stay on till you turned it off. You want it to stay on. Very few now a days have that option.  See the link above on my blog for where I purchased it.  The soft velour cover does not come off for cleaning so you may want to cover it with a pillow case. Put it toward the front of the cage on the left and work the plug through the wires to plug it in.  You don't want your puppy to gain access to it as he may chew on it! Mine have never done so. You will be putting more stuff on top of this.

Depending on the weather and your puppy a suggested temperature could be #3 (be sure check with your vet).  You don't want it too hot or cold. The puppy needs to be able to move away from the heat source (heating pad) to cool off if desired so be sure to keep it towards the front.  They can move to the back or right side if they want or need to. Your puppy will be very small when you bring him home and will need heat.  Even when grown, most Maltese crave heat. Adjust yours according to your vet's recommendation and your puppy's needs.

Memory Foam Pad

This memory foam pad comes in the exact size to fit perfectly. To purchase them, please see the link at the top of the page for where I list what I use and where I buy them.

This is actually a bath mat.  It's soft on top with a ruberized bottom. Perfect for our use.  They come in many colors. I prefer tan. I wash and BLEACH everything daily or as needed.  This retains its color even through bleach! It's also very comfy for baby.  Put this on top of the heating pad. NEVER have the heating pad next to puppy!

The Blanket

Next, put a soft, fleece blanket over the pad to keep it clean and create the softest and warmest place for your puppy to play and sleep.  They will spend a lot of time here.  I change mine daily to ensure cleanliness.

I get all of my blankets and toys at thrift shops.  Besides saving money, I just love buying stuff for my babies. Each "find" is a treasure!  Bring them home, bleach them and they are as good as new!  You will need several due to changing them often.

Pee Pee Pad Holder

This is specifically designed to hold pee pee pads in place.  You set the pad on the base and add the "frame" to lock it in place. It's easy to use and keep clean, just wipe it off as needed.  This and the pee pee pads can be purchased at the link above.

If your puppy starts tearing and chewing on the pee pee pads (some do) replace it with a receiving blanket (be sure to have some on hand for this reason). Don't scold puppy, keep this a happy "yes"environment always (meaning they can do what they want in their place) .

Stainless Steel Dishes

These are awesome because they attach to the side of the cage so they can't be turned over.  Be sure to place them to the back like I have them here because puppy plays mostly at the front and you don't want them playing or stepping in their food or water.  Three are needed because your puppy will need acess to a wet and dryer food plus water.  Your puppy's food requirements will be told to you at pick-up.  You will need 3 dishes.

Back Wall Of Cage

Before I wrapped my cage with either a sheet or blanket I put a bright, colorful, happy blanket across the back wall on the outside.  It makes it fun to look at and it matches all the colors of the toys.  It just seems "dull" without it.  Some call it Disneydud without the colorful back wall.

Anyway, that's my preference.  I think the puppy loves it too.  :)

Stuffed Animals

Your puppy will love sleeping on and snuggling with his or her stuffed animals!  Be sure to get fluffy ones that they can sink into.  Be sure the outside "fur" is  fluffy too.  Plush animals that aren't fluffy on the outside are not good.  Also, be sure to have at least one big WHITE stuffed animal because it reminds them of Mom (who was white). I notice that they tend to sleep on the white ones the most.  They also love having a small white one too that reminds them of their litter mates.

There is a sleeping dog in there that has a "heart" inside a velcro pouch with a battery operated beating heart.  They love "her" and think it's Mom since I have one that they are used to.  See the link above in order to get one if you'd like.

I will send home a soft blanket with Mom's scent and that of her litter mates and me to put in their new bed.  This makes their transition seamless.  They feel right at home when they get to your home immediately!

More Toys

Get some smaller toys that they can chew on and carry around.  They also love things that make noise when they do something to it.  The yellow and red toy makes noise when stepped on.  There are crinkle toys and ones with a bell in them.  I used a lot of cat toys cuz they are small and have noise to them.  Be sure that you can wash them & nothing will or can harm puppy.

Remember, your puppy will be teething so get a teething ring, some chew toys  and or something for him to chew on.  They love pig ears because they are thin and easy to move around.

Hanging toys

I put three hanging toys in my Disneyland.  They are attached to the top of the cage by rings and each toy hangs down from rings.  I hang them down the center of the cage right next to the end of the memory pad and before the pee pee pad holder.  This gives them room to play on either side. My toys are large so I use 4 rings for each so that they actually touch the bottom of the cage.  You will probably need 15 or more rings.  I buy hanging toys (see where I buy things to get yours) that have noise and crinkle sounds.  They love them!

Be sure to buy ones that are colorful.  Some people try to accessorize their Disneyland to match their home decor.  Please don't do that!  This is your baby's home.  It should be colorful and fun, fit for a baby.  Relax and have fun with your little one.  This is a center of joy!

I also hang toys on the sides and front of the inside with things they can chew on or make noise with.  Again, they love it!

A Mirror

Most puppies love mirrors.  They think it's a playmate they are seeing.  My puppies love them as you can see.  You may have to pin it on one side to keep your puppy from flipping it over as I needed to do.

Portable Foldable Pen

You will need a safe place to put the puppy in when cleaning their pen.  This handy little folding pen with a bottom is perfect.  Put a pee pee pad in the bottom and put baby in it for stress free cleaning.


One last thing is the smell of your washed toys and blankets.  I use Snuggle, Blue Sparkle scent.  Smell matters because that's the sense that they use the most at this age. So, if you want your baby to smell the same scent that he or she is used to, get Snuggle, Blue Sparkle scent  :)  It smells so fresh and awesome!!


That's how you can create your own Disneyland for your baby. The question is, will you have one for your baby when he or she leaves mine to go home?


Please take a moment to post a comment below.  Thanks!


  1. It means a lot to my husband and I that Sally wants to do everything possible to give us and our new baby the best and most seamless experience once he leaves "the nest" aka mother Disneyland!

    She has even figured out ways to help him feel like his littermates and mommy are still here with him. This will such a joy and a blessing when the day finally comes that we can take our baby home! We're so excited!

    We're also thankful for Sally not only telling us what to do, but also why to do, or in some cases why not to do something.

    To all of you future parents out there I can tell you with certainty that Sally's "Disneyland" is absolutely the best system we have used. We have owned (5) Maltese over the past 27 years so I have tried many methods of bringing baby home, introducing them to our family, potty training our babies, etc. With my latest baby Cassi, I followed Sally's formula as outlined in this article to the letter, and by far this has been the easiest baby we have ever raised in our home! Take advantage of Sally's expertise and it will make raising your new baby a breeze. We kept our Cassi on a table in our living room which is where we spend most of our leisure time so she could always see us and we could see her. She loves her house which has everything she needs to feel secure, and of course it is a playground that has everything she needs to entertain herself. We also found the "Disneyland" eliminated whining and crying when we went to bed. Just a simple "Good Night Cassi!" turn the lights off and she would play for a few minutes, eat, and then go right to sleep. This is her safe place and she loves having all of her many toys, bed, food, water, and of course the potty pad available to her as she need them. As mentioned in the article, a major thing that Sally does that no other breeder has done was to send you and your baby home with a blanket with Mom and siblings scent on it. This make a huge difference! Especially in the first few nights baby is in their new home. I put the blanket in Cassi's house as describe in the article, and she sniffed it and snuggled right in to take a nap. This gets rid of the usual separation anxiety the baby has when you first bring them home! Just a simple "good night Cassi!", turn off the lights, and she would play a few minutes, eat, and then go right to sleep without all of the whining and crying that usually happens when you first bring your baby home. Potty training your new baby is also much easier because baby is already trained to go on a potty pad in their house. When we took Cassi out to play and visit we put the pee pee pad on the floor and she automatically would go there to do her business! It was nothing short of amazing!
    There are many more reasons "Disneyland" is far superior to anything I have used in raising my other babies, way to many to mention here. My advice, please don't try and re invent the wheel here. Sally has done all the research, trial and error for you and come up with a wonderful method. Build your baby a "Disneyland" of their own, you will be surprised at how much easier puppy rearing will be!

    Joe and Ronna
    Bend, Oregon

  3. Kathleen CunninghamMarch 8, 2019 at 7:54 AM

    Sally I am so impressed with your Disneyland template for prospective parents to follow! Your creative, detailed and innovative plan for puppy’s new home demonstrates the compassion and obvious love you have for these sweet babies. It’s awesome! I’m feeling so thankful to have found you! Beginning to shop thrift stores next week - thank you for all the time you’ve spent making the transition from your home to the new home as positive and seamless as possible - for puppy and for new puppy parents! Kathleen Cunningham

  4. As I’ve mentioned before, Disneyland was KEY in a perfect transition to our home!—I second everything Joe has mentioned and am SO grateful Sally created this setup. One thing that seems obvious to some, but it didn’t occur to me right away…buy multiples of things! A few different mats and blankets, maybe a couple sets of toys…that way, if you have something in the laundry, your baby still has something fresh all ready to go. Set it up as *close as possible* to what you see at Sally’s place—this will only benefit the baby and you since the baby is already used to it! We’ve had to change up our “Disneyland” as our baby has gotten older, due to managing marking behavior that he started around six months, but he still loves “Disneyland” with his hanging toys and fun little surprises of goodies I’ll leave in there for him to find from time to time. I wish I had put a mirror in his Disneyland, it didn’t occur to me at the time…he loves mirrors (I think it’s because he’s admiring how handsome he is!) Also, setting up the barrier so the baby can’t jump out when you open the door is important…and it’s also good practice for you to teach the baby to “sit” patiently until he’s invited to come out…even if the door is open…it just helps you set off on the right food in creating a well-mannered baby for life :) The portable play-pen is *essential* if you’re outside or otherwise away from your main digs, like we are…I highly, highly recommend that!

  5. I've already started my "Disneyland". I can see how this will be helpful for both transition and training.

  6. Angel Baby Disneyland is essential for any new parents! Sally’s method took all of the guesswork out of preparing your baby for the happy road ahead. Our Lacie loved her setup and created a microcosm which allowed us as parents to train our baby with ease. We had our baby in our living room, and during the time we were not playing with or loving on our girl it was relieving to know that she was secure and content in her puppy playland. Besides… what’s cuter than checking in on your baby than to peer in and see their little sleeping face surrounded by an assortment of plush buddies!

    Joey and Ashley
    Bend, Oregon

  7. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! I was out yesterday looking for the perfect stuffed Easter Bunny to start off my “Puppy Disneyland Trousseau.” Let me tell you it isn’t easy looking for the perfect match. Of course I wanted white.......easy enough, BUT had to be ever so soft, stuffed with only safe materials, washable, eyes that couldn’t be chewed off, and if possible, MADE IN USA! So there I was squeezing, hugging, sniffing, trying to find and read the tiniest of labels, and running them all over my cheeks for that AHHHHHHHHHH factor. I hope people around me didn’t think me crazy pervert! But, finally the perfect selection was made and it proudly sits on my nightstand awaiting more stuffed friends.........and ultimately an angel baby.🐰
    Hope everyone on Sally’s coveted waiting list is having as much joy in preparation and getting their puppy fixes from her website as we wait.
    Joyce Miller, Ashland, OR

  8. Wow there is so much I didnt think about.Thank you for all the imput you give

  9. we've never had a Disneyland for our pups before...looking forward to trying this.

  10. We have already purchased all the items on your blog to make our baby's Disneyland pad. We are having fun purchasing toys and baby items.
    PS We love the Snuggle Blue Sparkle sent.


  11. I love this part of the blog. Sally has created and environment that i so perfect; safe, cozy, fun, and with training in mind (pee pads). I also love that Sally has given us a shopping list of what to get and where we can find these items.

    Since our puppy is in the future, I have not been shopping yet, but my shopping has been made easy with Sally's help. I can't wait.

  12. I found the section on location in the house really valuable. I somehow thought it would be in a bedroom, but center of house makes more a lot more sense! I also didn't think of having it elevated. I wouldn't have thought of a portable play pen when Disneyland is being cleaned. It makes a lot of sense that big and little white stuffies would be critical to mirror their mom and litter mates. You really thought of everything! I had so many of these crinkle toys and mirrors when my daughter was a baby!! It sounds so exciting to buy baby type toys again. :)

  13. Very detailed instructions! Should be easy to follow!

  14. Wow! The pics and the videos show how happy and cozy the babies are. The detailed instructions and the reasons why are amazing and make total sense. Thank you for including links where we can find the necessary items to make a seamless transition to our home if we are to be this lucky.
    Mandy and Melissa

  15. Wow!!! I had no clue. Let’s start working on it! I’m sure images and questions may follow. My Disneyland must be the best for my baby.

  16. I have picked out the spot in the great room of our house that will be perfect for our Disneyland. I had originally thought of our bedroom and having the Disneyland on the floor, but I quickly had my horizons broadened when Sally pointed out that the baby needs to be in the place where the parents spend most of their waking time and that the baby needs to be at a level where he/she can see what's going on. Anyway, I just found out last night that we are going to be welcoming one of these precious beings into our home 7-8 weeks after he/she is born . . . and the babies are due next week!!!!! I am going to have so much fun shopping for all the needed items, and one of the best parts about it is that Sally has given us links to the places to purchase the items to set up our very own Disneyland! Walt Disney would be jealous! I also plan to visit thrift stores and stock up on bleach and Snuggles!
    Marjie W.

  17. I have made my list of everything to build my Disneyland. I have pick the perfect spot in my living room which is open to my kitchen, and away from windows to decrease drafts. I can wait to learn when I can meet my angel puppy so I can start picking up everything needed. I want homecoming to be perfect as it can be.

  18. "Disneyland" is a must! Thank you for all the great visuals along with the list of items I will be needing. It's an all around safe and fun enviroment and one he or she will be familiar with.

  19. Sally,
    Thank you for taking the guesswork out of successfully preparing for a puppy and for providing the needed item links. The "Angel Disneyland" no doubt is a happy place for the puppy and I will absolutely be creating one as described in your blog for my future Angel. Thank you again!

  20. It couldn't be easier with these step by step directions on how to make our own Disneyland. This advice is priceless! The playpen idea is a great idea for when cleaning up Disneyland, just one good idea after another. It shows Sally's dedication to making your success as new Angel parents an easy one.
    We just have to say thank you for making us feel so at ease and confident about our decision to become part of the family.

    John & Betty

  21. So much information on making sure that the puppies are safe and become adjusted in their new home! I did not realize that the location of the pen is very important, like it needs to be in a central location, so she could see us and feel safe. Keeping drafts away from their pens is also important because they are so small. I also loved the idea of the grate to keep our puppy from falling out. I loved buying soft toys for our chihuahua when she was around, and cannot wait to do it again!
    Jen & Jay
    Seattle, WA

  22. It is great that all the necessary items of how to build the Disneyland are right here. You give step by step instructions. I liked the mirror idea in the crate. The heating pad is a great idea as well and keeping the puppy warm especially in colder weather.

    Stuart & Shirlee

  23. We love the details that have been put into Creating our Puppies Disneyland. Very helpful & enjoyable.
    Gay & Don
    Milwaukie OR

  24. This is fantastic Sally. We've had many dogs over the years and this is the best idea I think anyone has ever come up with! Wow! Wonderful for the pup and so great for the parents. Excellent components and sources to buy them. This is great. I like the hanging dishes to prevent tipping, the memory foam pad is perfect. We really dig those hanging toys HA! I really like the idea of the stuffed toy with the heartbeat Wow! We used to have an old wind up clock and that was the best we could do. This is sweet!
    Steve & Stephanie
    Maple Valley, WA

  25. I now know what to keep in mind when setting up my new home for my new pup.

  26. This is a great detailed list to help with creating our very own "Disneyland" for our angel baby. Excited to go shopping for so many fun things!
    Jenn & Chris, Wilsonville, OR

  27. I am so excited to build our Disneyland for our baby to come. Great detailed instruction! Thank you, it's genious!~Larisa Glenn

  28. I am so excited to build our Disneyland for our baby to come. Great detailed instruction! Thank you, it's genious!Thank you for taking the time to link the products. Also for making sure your pawrents are educated and prepared for the new baby. Having just lost our Riley I wanted a waiting period to grieve the loss of our baby. He was our world and I still am struggling with life after him. I need the time to grieve and don't want ot just replace him with another. There will never be another Riley. Thank you for talking with me and having Denise talk to me to, and express there will be joy again. It won't be the same as Riley but you will have joy again. I am a caregiver by nature. I need something to give love to and care for, and so does my husband. This breed seems like a perfect fit for us and our home. Thank you again. The checklist is terrific.
    Eugene, OR

  29. Brittany GrenfellMay 5, 2020 at 12:36 PM

    I appreciate the list of items and all of the information SOOOOO much. You have made this so easy!

    For every pet I have ever had, I have had to go and do the research myself, which can take a LONG time. Even people at pet stores will give misinformation. It's a breath of fresh air to see someone who cares about her animals and has done her research!!! I am excited to start my own puppy Disneyland! It's such a fun activity that my family can participate in.

  30. Great information and sources. Thanks for doing the research for me.

    Henderson, Nevada

  31. Such wonderful information on setting up our own Disneyland for our baby! I love how detailed and organized Sally is in showing us how to provide the smoothest transition of our baby into our home. I can't wait to watch our new baby in her very own DIsneyland in our home!
    El Paso, Texas

  32. I'm looking around my living room right now to try to find the perfect place for a Disneyland. Thank you, Sally, for all the specific details and the shopping links. I'm already thinking of the fun print for the back of the enclosure. You really have thought of everything

  33. Thank you Sally for the detailed directions and all of the links. Your organization makes this so easy for us to create the perfect transition spot for our fur baby! We can't wait to start "nesting" just like we did when we brought our real baby home! Thank you for your expertise!

  34. What amazing details! Thank you for the pictures and links! Creating one for home and one for the office will be fun!
    Sheridan Or

  35. The details of this list were greatly appreciated as we planned for our new family member. It really helped to put together our own Disneyland in anticipation, just like nesting when we were pregnant!
    Darielle, Los Alamitos CA

  36. WOW! I can't wait to set up our own Disneyland! I know the perfect spot. Great information!

    Karolyn, Carson WA

  37. Thank you Sally for such a great detailed list of things to do before our baby gets here. I can't wait to go shopping. Hello Amazon! They have been our savior in the middle of this pandemic.

    Karolyn & Vern, Carson, WA

  38. Thank you Sally for all the details on how and why to set up a Disneyland. I have already picked the perfect spot in my living room. I can’t wait to watch my baby play and romp in a world built just for puppies. Marilyn, Eugene, OR

  39. I love how detailed this is. I can go right back to this blog post to see exactly how to get my pup ready to be home. Explaining the reasoning behind the set-up, really helps me understand the process and why it is so important. The links are so helpful, too. Can't wait to get started!
    Hood River, OR

  40. You make it so easy for future parents to purchase the perfect toys and accessories for there new baby

  41. You have thought of everything Sally, what a wonderful place for a new puppy to adjust and feel safe and loved. Looking forward to putting it together Elizabeth S, Lacey/WA

  42. You have thought of everything Sally, what a wonderful place for a new puppy to adjust and feel safe and loved. Looking forward to putting it together Elizabeth S, Lacey/WA

  43. Can't say enough about how grateful new puppy parents should be and how impressed I am at the amount of though, care, investment and work goes into making sure these babies are as healthy, independent, secure, and comfortable as possible through the transition and beyond. A puppy that's loved, safe, busy, healthy and tired at the end of each new day is a happy puppy!

    Patricia D, San Francisco CA

  44. My girls can’t wait to start shopping for the perfect stuffies and toys for baby! Thank you!
    Eunji F.
    Seattle, WA

  45. I love this part of the blog. Sally has created and environment that is so perfect,safe, cozy, fun, and with training in mind (pee pads).

    Sowmya S

  46. This is such a fun, great idea! The puppy looks so content in there!

    Michael P., Los Angeles, CA

  47. What great ideas. I appreciate knowing the type of detergent so the smell is the same. Peggy Z.

  48. It is so great to have the whole list, where to find the items, how to set it up and to know why we need that. Sally even listed the scent of Snuggle so that the baby will feel home right away...Makes a lot of sense as dogs are so sensitive to smells. Aren’t they? Evrim B., Seattle, WA

  49. We are going to do this its important for both our sleep and the new puppy to be able to get a full nights sleep. I juts never thought of something like this and we now have all of the directions.
    Ken & Marcia
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  52. This was definitely very helpful. I love the fact that the post not only posts what is consisted in creating the safe and comfortable place for the puppy, but she goes on to explain reason behind and the possible impact it has on the puppy. Goes to show how she pays extra attention to these little guys and does everything possible to care for them. I will absolutely utilized this to create a comfy home for the puppy when the time comes.
    Jayden K, Seattle, WA

  53. This is such a great concept. I have never seen anything like this before and it's just wonderful! I am going to start ordering my items to set up my Disneyland right away. Sally thought of everything with this innovative idea! With past puppies it has been a difficult transition, but this is going to make all the difference. I'm so glad to have this knowledge so my baby will have a stress free transition and feel safe and secure. Thank you Sally for all the valuable information about where to get all the items and how to set this awesome place up! I love it! Dave and Lori, Olympia, WA

  54. I love the idea of Disneyland! And I want to be a good parent! Look at the pictures of Disneyland that Sally created for her babies, and I can’t wait to start copying Sally’s Disneyland at my home. I can’t image how enjoyable of shopping those toys, baby items – I am making my shopping list now!
    zliu, Portland, OR

  55. Loads of great information. Really excited to start shopping for all of the toys and plushies. Such a fun and creative idea that's filled with love. Looks so vibrant and comfy, no wonder the pups love it so much.

  56. There is so much info here. This post is sure to be reread a 100x. I think about the puppies we have had in the past and just how these ideas would have solved past problems! -Sam M Anderson, CA

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  58. What I loved right off the bat while talking with sally was her love for her babies and finding the perfect home for them. I really enjoyed our talk and amazed at all her knowledge on these beautiful puppies.
    Her care for finding the right home and creating the perfect Disneyland.
    I will blog more as our journey continues.
    Nancy P

  59. My husband and I have started pricing things we will need to creat Disney land. I’m finding prices are not bad for what we need. My husband is a can fix anything so he comes in handy when assembling things, I on the other hand love the design of things.
    The table I think is a great idea as the puppy will fell safe and able to be at eye level with us.
    We are moving into a new home and I have the perfect spot for Disney land in the tv room. A room used for family gatherings.
    My home has a loving joyful feel to it, my baby will be happy healthy and loved

  60. My husband and I have started pricing things we will need to creat Disney land. I’m finding prices are not bad for what we need. My husband is a can fix anything so he comes in handy when assembling things, I on the other hand love the design of things.
    The table I think is a great idea as the puppy will fell safe and able to be at eye level with us.
    We are moving into a new home and I have the perfect spot for Disney land in the tv room. A room used for family gatherings.
    My home has a loving joyful feel to it, my baby will be happy healthy and loved

  61. Love the idea of Disneyland and the details that go into it. The large white stuffed animal and smaller ones is genius--reminding them of their mom and siblings. Love the idea of hanging toys for teething and playing. Now to just to pick out the perfect spot!

    Steve & Meg
    Seattle, WA

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