What To Put In A Doggie Day (Diaper) Bag?

I remember leaving the house with my new little Angel Baby for the first time. Panic set in as I wondered if I had all the things I could possibly need to take care of him till we got back home.  It turned out that even with diligent preparation I was still caught without what my baby needed! One little trip turned into an unexpected day trip that I hadn't prepared for.  Now, I know that it can happen to anyone at anytime. Always carry a well stocked doggy day (diaper) bag when you go away from home with your precious Angel Baby!

I want to help you feel well prepared so let’s get into the complete list of what to pack in a puppy day (diaper) bag.


Sweater - little ones get cold easily & quickly. Also, a snug sweater calms a nervous or unsure one.

Blanket - this can be used for so many ways. Wrap puppy in, cover, put in purse to lift puppy up, etc..

 Heat Pad

Heat source - keep your baby warm with a snugglesafe heat pad that stays warm up to 10 hours without having to be plugged in. Your baby craves heat especially when it's cold outside.

Pee pee pads - your baby will usually be trained to go potty on a pee pee pad on command wherever you put it by the time your pick him up from me. You can even put the pad on your lap. Be sure to keep some in your bag.


Nutra-cal - A high calorie nutritional suppliment used to prevent hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Low blood sugar is caused by using more energy than puppy has (playing too hard, or too long), not eating when food is needed, high stress situation or anything that causes baby to use up energy quickly. It's good to have several tubes of this in varying places.  I use it on my adults too. Sometimes that won't eat or can't eat and need nutrition.  This is what I turn to. It's thick and comes out of the tube like toothpaste.  Put a ribbon on your index finger, open their mouth and quickly put it on the top of their mouth.  They will eat it cuz it tastes good!

Bottle of vanilla Ensure - I have found Ensure to be a lifesaver so many times.  It's an easy, quick meal on the go and they love it. I always keep Ensure on hand!

Brush/comb - ya never know when a photo op will present itself. :)

Kibble - a sandwich bag with some hard kibble is a great treat on the go.

Bowl for water/kibble - I use bottled water. Make sure you always have some available for your little one all the time.

Bottle of water - see above

Dog Treats - if you have a special treat for your baby be sure to have some in the bag.

Chew toy/pig ear - prevent teething while on the go by having something "legal" for him/her to chew on.

Dog Toy - ya, they love to play anywhere.  You'd be surprised how many times for play come up on a simple outing.

Wet paper towel in sandwich bag - This is needed for many reasons, either for them or you.

Leash - be sure your puppy is always leashed when out.  Never forget how many people would love to literally snatch your baby right out of your arms! Keep him tethered to you.

Large & small plastic bags for potty disposal - I keep a few bags to pick up potty messes and a bigger one to throw trash into.

Hand sanitizer - germs are everywhere!

Hand lotion - sanitizer can be rough on hands.

Snacks - keep a pick me up snack in there for you.  What good is anything if you run out of gas?

By being prepared I am also able to save money.  I have what I need for my little one when we are away from the house or caught out for an extended period of time.  A new puppy is much like a new baby.  It is always a great idea to be prepared!

Are Diaper Bags Necessary?

Short answer is yes. Consider it your new mom purse. Unless you plan on carrying all of the non negotiable items I mentioned earlier in your bare hands, you will need a way to transport it all. Life is going to throw a lot your way when it comes to outings with your baby. Now that you're all prepared, go and make sweet memories without worries!