Placement Issues - Sometimes A Change Is Needed

Our mission at Maltese Angel Babies is to create the very best Maltese puppies in the world and to find appropriate, loving homes for each one of them. This post will discuss various placement issues that come up around the conflicting needs of parents vs those of the puppy. We want people to understand that we do all  we can to ensure that everyone is happy in the end. Of course, that's not always possible but we try!


We initially match parents with a puppy at birth to suite their male or female preference. After the initial placement to the parents sometimes the puppy will develop specific needs that also must be taken into consideration. What are some situations that may necessitate a change in placement?  Here are a couple of situations: 

a timid puppy that needs outside encouragement

failure to thrive puppy that needs a lot of direction and encouragement 

puppy that needs outside prompting to eat

In each of the cases above there is a puppy that needs close attention or close observation that we could not have anticipated. If  a puppy had been placed in a loving home with loving parents but the puppy needed more than they could provide a change in parents will be needed.  This is not a personal decision against the original parents.  This is the breeders showing love to the puppy by providing what it needs. 

We know that a situation like this is bound to be painful but it must be done. We do all we can to mitigate the situation as best we can.  The parents would be offered another puppy or a refund after the situation was explained to them.


There are times when prospective parent gets past the approval process but issues come up later that have to be dealt with for the safety of a puppy. We have been made painfully aware that abuse happens even to these tiny, beautiful babies that only want to love their parents.

We have had some pretty bad situations come up unexpecedly. Here are a few:

Parents who opened their trunk and threw the puppy in and were going to drive away after placement.

repeated drunkeness or drugging while waiting for their puppy.

address given as their residence but no house on it just bare land.

one spouse claims the other is unfit to parent.

found out that they were going to gift the puppy to a young child!

prospective parents were abusive to each other in our presence!

communication issues where we were unable to reach parents and they failed to return our calls.

and much, much more...

Each one of these issues calls upon us to respond for the wellbeing of the puppy but only if we have the authority.  Once a puppy is placed in the home it's out of our hands. So, if we are the least bit uncomfortable while they are here we pay close attention. Our job gets difficult but in order to protect the vulnerable puppies, that we create, we have an obligation to. We will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of every Angel Baby! 

Thank you for your understanding of the complicated things we need to keep in mind when making dificult decisions.  We hope you respect that we take full responsibility for the lives we create. 

Steve & Sally

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  1. Josh Karl left this review on Google Reviews

    Buyer beware!!!! Sally and Steve are very EVIL people! We tried to purchase a puppy from these people and we put down a 500.00 deposit and they sent us a contract. We signed the contract snd sent back as asked. We read the contract over and over and NOWHERE in the contract did it say anything about immediate payment after we claimed our puppy. They say they except Zelle cash OR CHECK. When it came down to claiming puppy we tried to send money via Zelle and would not allow more then 500.00 to be sent. Sally then called leaving a message threatening that if we did not pay by 8:00pm that evening she was going to Give our puppy to someone else!! I called and explained to Sally and Steve that we would send out a check and they said that is not acceptable but yet in there contract that they put together and both signed said they DO. Take checks! I had to explain to them that I would be willing to have a check overnighted to them and they finally agreed that I could overnight a check to them. We paid puppy in full now $3,500.00. We had pictures of our puppy and she was wearing a pink collar and our 2 girls were so excited that we were going to be getting a puppy. Sally also says you have to have a Disneyland set up and send pictures to her before she lets the puppy go home (cage toys water and food dish) but so prove to her we did sent pictures. Kind of psycho lady I think imo. 2 weeks before we were to arrange to pick up the puppy she calls us at 1:00am in the morning knowing that we are sleeping and says we no longer get the puppy because we are not fit for a puppy. Sally and Steve are 2 EVIL people that get people/kids hopes up so high just to drag them they the mud! I think that is disrespectful and hurtful to any family to have this done to them. Luckily we got all of our money back from them probably because we explained that there contract was not right and had an attorney friend look it over after she said we didn’t get puppy. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up if you don’t pay with cash or Zelle they won’t sell you a dog because they are trying to avoid paying taxes on there puppy income.

    We are very sorry for the change in placement due to a change in the needs of the puppy. We notified you at the time of the change by email and phone call. We did all that we could to satisfy our responsibility to you and your family by offering another puppy or a full refund. You chose the refund that we mailed the next day to you. Steve & Sally