What To Expect From The Breeder After You Purchase A Puppy

Congratulations, you were approved as a parent for an Angel Baby (not everyone who applies is)! Your baby is too young to go home yet, so you place down a payment to hold him or her until the glorious day you can take her home. What can you expect now? What kind of communication will you get from me about your baby until he or she can go home with you?

I tend to over communicate so let me know the level you want. I feel that the more you know about your baby the better the bond will be between the two of you.  That is the reason I communicate as much as I do.

I take lots of pictures and send them to you weekly, usually more. I don't text though so you will need to provide an email address where I will send them. You will get to see your baby grow and her milestones as she develops.

I love to talk on the phone. I can tell you the traits of your puppy and the little antics that he/she does. I am always available to answer questions or whatever you may need.

This blog is also provided with a wealth of information on all aspects of caring for your new baby!

I am here for you, always! I want you to have joy & the best experience possible now and into the future with your Angel Baby! Don't hesitate to call on me.  :)

How was your relationship with me while you waited for your puppy to go home? What can others expect?

I look forward to your input.


Trista & Madi said...

Once I put my deposit down for my angel baby the communication has been non stop. I really feel like Sally has become part of my forever family. She continues to give me updates every week on the progress of my baby. I have two more weeks until I get to take my puppy home and I cannot wait! I really feel like Sally puts so much love and attention to detail in all her dogs.

Debbie said...

When I first came to visit my baby, Sally was so sweet to me! I held my new baby for the first time, and I just cried! She was so beautiful! I came to visit at least once a week. Sally always made me feel very welcome! It is very easy to see right off how much she loves her dogs. I knew my new baby was taken well care of! The frequent photos were wonderful, they helped me get through to the next visit. She was always there for me by phone. Sally is definitely the best breeder I have ever met!!!
My baby is now four months old. She is absolutely gorgeous! At her first veterinarian visit with me, the vet was shocked she was only nine weeks old because her coat was so thick and lush. She received a clean bill of health! I am so happy I have found Sally. She has been and continues to be so helpful and a great friend!

apollospace17@gmail.com said...

Wonderfull information on your blog Sally.
Looking forward to the day we can hopefully see our baby. Love communication, so everything and anything you can tells us is appreciated and looked forward too! Can't wait to hear more about the baby girls!

Joe and Ronna Cardone

Lesa Sloan said...

I love the fact that you want to new parents to learn about their baby from day 1. You are right--the bond is so important and your constant communication with us will only facilitate that to be stronger than ever.

Tim Vaughn said...

Sally, you are truly Blessed. You are so good with your puppies. I'ts wonderful to hear from other parents on your blog. Each having such an experience to share. We love how you get involved with the parents of each puppy, calling and photos and even becoming a dear friend of the the parents. We are soooooo excited we found you. We are especially excited about getting a little Angel soon. SO EXCITED!!!!!

Tim and Jane Vaughn

Joey Cardone said...

Sally, there is great information on this blog! We've helped with the family's Maltese while living at home, and it's great getting more information for ourselves! Especially for two people hoping to bring home our first pup together! We would so look forward to seeing pictures and updates on our little fur baby! You love them so much already and it will be wonderful to learn a little about them before bringing them to their new, loving home!! Thank you for being so open with communication and updates, it will feel like we're there watching them grow with you!
Hoping to bring one home soon :),
Joey Cardone and Ashley Hefton

SallyDillon said...

Thank you for doing so much to prepare prospective families with so much great information! We are so excited for the day we get to come hold our angel baby for the first time. Its just so exciting! What blessing we found you!

Lan Tran said...

Dear Sally,
Thank you for this blog.
I love how thorough you are with the entire process. Communication is very important to our family as well. I hope that one day we can have a chance to bring one of these super cute and gorgeous babies home to our family.

Lan T.

Denise Vallier said...

You are awesome Sally! What other breeder takes so many pictures and gives such intimate details to each parent. Your availability for help or questions before and after a parent brings home their baby is so helpful and nice. It is obvious you not only breed puppies but that you love these puppies and want only the best for them in your care and long after they go to their forever home. After having had a bad experience with another breeder in the past you have no idea how comforting this for new parents.

Kimberly Wells-Moon said...

I love your process. It is really crucial now days to get as much information from a new family and equally give them as much info about the dog that they may need. I love soaking up knowledge about these little guys because they are all so precious.

Maxnandy1 said...

I love your involvement with the families. They are lucky to have you. Calls and photos of the little ones are so helpful and exciting. Can't wait to see my angel baby. Very excited.

Maxnandy1 said...

Your phone call was so very helpful to me. Thank you for your help.

Maxnandy1 said...

Once I put down a deposit, can you send a video of the puppy playing when a bit older? I feel your love for your little ones shows in your follow up. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

Maxandandy, yes, I send video occasionally of the puppies.

Thanks for asking.


apollospace17@gmail.com said...

Hi Sally,

So far we have received 252 photos and 15 videos of our baby, and she is only 4 weeks old as of today!

With the previous 3 breeders I purchased from, we saw only 1 maybe 2 photos of our puppy that were posted on the breeders website and they were taken just prior to us picking up the puppy. We saw nothing of our puppies growth and had no idea how their Mom's looked after the puppies during their development.

You, however, have provided us a wonderful photo album that we will always cherish that includes photos of our babies birth, development, and interactions with her brother,, sister, and Mommy, and more! Thanks to your wonderful photos, we feel like we are right there with our baby every day experiencing her growth and development.
Thanks again Sally, can't wait to see what you send us next!

Joe and Ronna

Bend, Oregon

Denise Vallier said...

Sally, I have had the most amazing journey thus far Sally in choosing you to buy my little boy from. I can't express the elation I felt when you choose me as well. I have so appreciated our phone conversations and getting to know you and the love and nurturing you put in to ensuring the quality and health of each puppy is outstanding! I was even more impressed, if that's possible, after visiting your home and meeting my little boy for the first time. I am absolutely in love! Per our several phone conversations I knew how devoted you are to each and every puppy but after meeting each of your own dogs in your home and seeing first hand the warm and loving environment in which these puppies get their first start in life is truly a blessing. Your daily pictures and video of my little boy playing with his sisters are so prescious. It makes me feel like I am experiencing his first few weeks right there with him and this means a lot to me. Your informational blogs you post has totally prepared me to know what to expect, from feeding him to what size and type of cage to buy and everything in between. And I know from our continuous conversations we will have even after I bring my little boy home you will so wisely guide me through any questions, concerns, or problem solving solutions I may have, and of course laughter and chuckles of each new adventurous puppy step my little boy makes. Sally, again I want to thank you for not being a puppy mill breeder but rather a loving and devoted puppy creator of perfection and love in which I saw shine and radiate from each and every one of your puppies. In all of my research, and I researched several, did I expect to find one like you. You are absolutely one of a kind, thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

I think I mentioned this during one of our phone calls, but the support you’ve provided so far Sally, is the reason I’m choosing to go with you (and I don’t even have a puppy yet!) After all the questions I’ve asked, I feel COMFORTABLE that I’ll have support even after the puppy comes home with me. Being a first-time dog owner and talking with other breeders felt a little disparaging: there was little interest in me as a potential puppy parent and it seemed like my questions were annoying them. I’m really looking forward to pictures of my own little baby and stories of his/her antics :D
-CD, Mapleton

Lisa Hurt said...

It is so amazing to be part of the process from the very beginning! This is such a unique experience. I can’t wait to see those pictures coming in and be able to keep in regular contact with a breeder that goes above and beyond!

Lisa H. 05/23/18

Anonymous said...

I met Sally just before she began weaning the litter before my puppy (I think?), and I had the privilege of talking with a couple of that litter’s parents over the phone as they kindly took the time to tell me about their experiences watching their own little Maltese Angle Baby grow. (Special thank you to those parents, whose names I won’t share for privacy sake: sharing your experiences really helped me.) Listening to them exude joy and happiness was heartwarming and enlightening—but you guys!!—Listening to someone else talk about their puppy is *nothing* like going through it yourself with YOUR puppy! My puppy is only two days old and already, I’ve got over 50 photos and a video that I’ve shared with my friends and family and I can’t stop looking at them! I’m probably legit-obsessed, looking at my handsome little puppy and studying his every feature (tiny little white eyelashes, who he’s cuddling with, the way he crawls)! Watching him snuggle into the others, or hearing a little whimper here or there while I’m on the phone with Sally (who I talk with frequently!)…I’m already falling in love :) NOW I know exactly what the parents before me felt: the exuberance, excitement and pure joy! Eight weeks feels so far away! For now, I *can’t wait* until that two week point! Thrilled! This is my first puppy (or dog) since I was a kid and my life is already beginning to change in the most lovely, and unexpected ways. Thank you, Sally!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to update on my puppy experience so far:
We’re just under three weeks from puppy-pick-up date and my experience so far has been unreal! I was able to meet my tiny little baby at the two-week mark…holding him for the first time sent me to cloud nine and I don’t think I’ve been off that cloud since lol! I was also able to meet both Cozy (whose beautiful expression just melts me) and Benji (who I’m smitten over) I’m so happy these two beautiful creatures are my puppy’s parents!

The best way I can describe my experience so far is that I’m watching a long time dream come true before my eyes. I’ve wanted a Maltese for SO many years and Sally is sharing her blessings and talents and making my dream happen. I talk with her often and my puppy photo album is updated frequently so I can watch my puppy grow and learn about what he’s doing day to day! They grow so fast that it’s like every couple days when there’s a new group of pictures, it’s like I have a brand new puppy and he’s closer and closer to my dream come true. It’s just amazing to watch their beautiful little faces, bodies and personalities develop into little individuals!

Beyond watching my puppy grow, Sally has been really amazing with suggestions, guidance and ideas for my little puppy once he comes home. Of course these are all just *suggestions* and what I use/do will change as my puppy grows, but as a first time puppy mama, I’ve been so grateful to have some guidance to set up a launching pad for my and my puppies life together.

Just under three weeks until I have my puppy in my arms again and this time for good…it seems so close yet so far away!
-CD, Mapleton

Denise Ramsfield said...

We are going to be Angel Baby parents soon. Our baby is due at the end of December 2018. Sally has been wonderful! Our baby isn't even born yet and she has put us in touch with other parents and they have shared with us their experience with their Angel Babies. We are so very excited and thank you to all who have been a part of the process. We can't say enough about Sally's wonderful communication and keeping us informed about our Angel Baby! Seeing the videos and photos of the puppies has been so fun and made our waiting time easier.
Larry & Denise Ramsfield

Unknown said...

Oh I'm just so excited to be involved in this process. I'm already falling in love with Denise and Larry's little Ritzy from all the photos you have shared with me. I feel their joy and I don't think it's possible to over-communicate, I welcome it. :)

Valerie said...

Sally has been a great communicator. She called the day Ava was born and before I even met Ava she had posted 179 photos for me. We have spoken at length via phone regarding creating a healthy transition for when Ava comes home. She is a wealth of great information.

Guy Srinivasan said...

I've read this post; we haven't put down a deposit yet and aren't at this stage yet, of course, but it sounds like communication after that will be a lot like communication before. Phone calls every few days, image/video updates periodically. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon! :thumbsup:

Samantha said...

Sally has been extremely communicative especially when it was close to the time for Coconut's mommy to deliver. It was so exciting to have a front row seat to his birth. We absolutely LOVED and cherish the pictures and videos of him growing up and playing with his siblings

Caliatra said...

I am so excited I cant wait. Your info is so helpful