Our Home Where The Puppies Are Bred & Raised


As a small hobby breeder we raise the puppies in our home. Our precious ones have a section of our home all their own. We keep everything immaculatly clean!  Let's take a look.

Here is a link to pictures and a video of their very own room.
Angel Babies Facilities

Let's take a closer look at each pen.

Each pen has flooring that can be wiped clean. On top of that they have a memory foam pad on one side and a peepee pad holder on the other if needed.

They all have a food and water dish that can't be dumped along with additional food given as needed per each dog's needs.

All of the pens are covered on three sides to keep drafts out, have toys, a soft blanket and something to chew on. Each dog has their own pen. Meet each of them.





We have additional pens that we use while cleaning theirs or for any other reason. Here they are:

My Angel Baby Mom & Dad's are on a schedule. They have times throughout the day when they have free run of their room.  Here are some pictures and videos of them playing. Playing

Next to my desk I have a bassinet in order to keep one, two or all of the little ones near me as needed or desired. I love to spoil them as I work.

Everything in all pens are washed with bleach and Downey each week. Our home has no dog smell whatsoever! In fact, I am told that our house smells like Downey.

All of the dogs go outside three times a day and then have free run of their room to play with each other for an hour or so.

 All of my dogs have training leads which makes them so much easier to manage. Here is a link to more pictures of them outside Angel Babies Outside



Just because we missed him in this post, here is Benji!  He is the Daddy to all of the babies. Maltese Angel Babies would not exist without him!


Visitors will not see the dogs outside of their pens when here except for the ones they came to see. Chaos isn't a good thing! :)  The dogs behave differently when company is here than they do with us. Expect initial barking until you get to say hello. They calm down pretty quickly.

The Nursery & The Babies

Here are pictures of Mom's with their newborns in the nursery.





This is where your baby will grow from 5 weeks till 8 weeks.

Welcome to our home where your baby will be bred, born, nurtured, loved & adored!


apollospace17@gmail.com said...

Cute photos as usuall Sally. Your home looks wonderful and you spoil (love) your babies like we do our Sputnik. Love the fact that the pens are immaculate and they lookk like a babies nursery! Like the memory foam idea and think I will get Sputnik one. My Maltese's are always looking to find the softest spot possible and "fluff" everything alot before they lay on it.

Joe and Ronna Cardone

Tim Vaughn said...

Great pictures Sally. Everything looks so clean and tidy. Your puppies look so happy, loved and content. You put so much comfortable
soft things around. Great ideas too. Im sure I will need to talk to you about them.

Tim and Jane Vaughn

Lesa Sloan said...

Wow! I am so impressed with your care of all your babies. It is obvious that you truly love the dogs as part of your family.

Lesa Sloan

Joey Cardone said...

We love all the pictures of the dogs!It is very clear that they are well loved and taken care of, their areas are very clean and they obviously have plenty of toys and attention! We especially like the food dishes that cannot be tipped! Great way to make sure they're not spilling their water when they get excited!(especially during summer!)

Joey Cardone and Ashley Hefton

SallyDillon said...

Thank you for posting all these photos! It helps anxious new puppy parents know that the "nursery" is cozy, clean and bright! I wanted to make sure the breeder we chose was one with integrity and that the babies and mamas were loved and cared for, its clear they are! Oh and of course these puppies are just the cutest!
Thanks again,

Lan Tran said...

Dear Sally,
All those photos are great. I loved reading this entire blog and the great information that goes along with it. It's great to see where the puppies are raised and I can see that they come from a great loving family. Hopefully we can bring one of these beautiful angels home with us one day.
Lan T.

Denise Vallier said...

Dear Sally,

You are an angel. It's such a breath of fresh air to find someone like you who loves and cares for puppies, mommy and daddy's so intensely as you do. Your nursery is amazing, so immaculately clean and fun, what an glorious environment filled with love and toys to start a new life.
Certainly those that are chosen to be parents to one of your babies will be truly bless.

Stephanie Andrus said...

So cute! Such good ideas, too. I really like the basinet next to where you work idea. I also love having an excuse to buy new jellycat stuffies!! After you reading your blog, I tried the downey in my carpet cleaner. Love it! Stephanie Andrus

Karen Anderson said...

I posted March 10 but have not seen it post. I like the bassinet you use to watch the puppies. I can tell you really care about your little ones. I also think your place is clean and cozy. I looks wonderful.

Karen Anderson said...

March 10 2018
My comments are that I like the bassinet used to hold the little ones when you are cleaning the kennels. The place looks very clean and neat. I would like to be able to post but it is not working well.

apollospace17@gmail.com said...

Thank you for the visit! Everything in your home is just as clean and spotless as it appears in the photos. Was very impressed with all of the homes! A lot of thought and care went into to each kennel to make a perfect comfortable home for each puppy. Unlike the other (3) breeders I have used in the past. Even though they knew I was coming to their facility, they simply had their puppies in a naked kennel with newspapers (which were usually dirty) lining the floor. No toys, or food, just a water bowl which is not attached to the side of the kennel so it has been upturned and spilled by the little ones. The puppies are unkept and have not been groomed at all.
Sally's babies (adults included) take a look at their homes! Everything is clean with pleasnty of toys for the babies to interact with. All of them are groomed, well fed, and more importantly its is obviously that they are loved and cherished by Sally and Steve.

Joe and Ronna

Bend Oregon

Anonymous said...

It's a relief to know my puppy will be coming from such a clean/pristine environment! I’ve referred to this post several times already, in preparation of how to set up puppy’s pen and maintenance it (bleach and Downey!) I'm sure I'll be studying it many more times in the near future, too. I’ll be replicating this as closely as possible to make puppy’s transition as seamless as can be! It’s also been helpful to set up in my mind, how I will handle the puppy as far as visitors are concerned, time outside and play time in the house. I love the bassinet idea and am wondering how I’ll be working it into a training schedule. You are leading by example, Sally, and I’m learning so much!
-CD, Mapleton

Lisa Hurt said...

Thank you for the sneak peek into where you house and care for your puppies. It is obvious you love this breed and go to great lengths to care for them. It looks like they have plenty of room, comfort and stimulation. The cleanliness is amazing! This is exactly what I want in a breeder

Lisa H. 05/23/18

Anonymous said...

Dear readers/future puppy parents:
I have to HIGHLY recommend to you, to recreate the pens/kennels that Sally has in your own home for when you bring home your baby!!! We did that for our little one and he's had absolutely NO problems adjusting, waking up/crying at night or toileting in his kennel. Sally will send you home with a blanket that was used by mama and his litter mates...just dump that in the kennel and gently introduce your baby. If he's anything like ours, he'll happily go in and enjoy exploring his new digs. Our baby slept through the night since day 1 and in the almost three weeks since we've had him, he's never had an issue sleeping through the night. I have many MANY things to thank Sally for, but this kennel set up is truly invaluable.

-CD, Mapleton

Denise Ramsfield said...

Larry and I are so excited about having an Angel Baby from Sally!
This Blog is such a help. We have been priviledged to have been parents of two Maltese puppies in the past. Never have we received this kind of information or assistance in how to care for our puppy we were bringing home. The pictures are worth a thousand words. They are so helpful and bring a smile to our face in anticipation of our own Angel Baby home! Thank you Sally for ALL the time you take to make us informed and better parents to such special puppies!

Unknown said...

I'm so impressed with the level of care and love you provide these little babies. I would be so honored to be the mama to one of these Angel Babies and am truly grateful to the level of care you provide for these tiny smalls and the information and photos you share with future parents. I'm blown away

Joyce Miller said...

You have gone above what is expected from any breeder. I love looking at each of your photos......not just at the adorable happy puppies, but EVERYTHING in the picture. Puppy living, playing and grooming quarters are so colorful and clean. What a happy place. For any prepective family, you are a tough act to follow!

Valerie said...

Sally, Your facility looks wonderful. I am looking forward to visiting this weekend and meeting Ava.

Guy Srinivasan said...

I've read this post; we have a similar home setup prepped (though not yet completed) for Coconut.

Caliatra said...

Your place is filled with such love and care..Very impressed

Sue said...

Love how you love your babies and care so beautifully for them. Reading this page is what convinced us to seek finding a puppy from you.

Unknown said...

Sally, The Angel Baby Facilities is an immaculate area. Setup and very well organized. Comfy chair, sterile but with color, curtains, toy's, everything they need. Very clean outdoor place to play. Happy Home Happy Babies.

Carol Puphal said...

Sally, You have an amazing doggie space.... with the cages set up, the grooming spots, the dresser drawers, the play space. I' d like to speak in one of the drawers. I think there are clothes in there. The pictures are really so cute. We get to see the stages of the puppies from shortly after they are born to about ready to go home.

Your little Maltese family are all just beautiful. It was fun getting to see them playing inside and outside.

Mona said...

These pictures are amazing! Thank you for posting and sharing these. You'll need to teach me how to clean everything with bleach and Downey without damaging the items or irritating the skin/fur of the puppy. I should've learned how to do this when my daughter was a baby. :) I'd love for my house to smell like Downey too! It's nice to see that your adult puppies have so much great company, and they have lots of friends to play with. That makes for happy adults, consequently happy parents. :)

Unknown said...

Everything is so clean and organized!