JOIN AKC CANINE PARTNERS - Agility, Obedience, Rally, Tracking and Coursing Ability

AKC Canine Partners offers ALL dogs the ability to join the AKC family. Joining Canine Partners allows mixed breed dogs and non-eligible AKC registered dogs to participate and earn titles in dog sports such as:





 Coursing Ability

 Canine Partners provides for an enhanced relationship between people and their dogs and allows them to connect with other dog owners.


  1. I have had the most amazing journey thus far Sally in choosing you to buy my little boy from. I can't express the elation I felt when you choose me as well. I have so appreciated our phone conversations and getting to know you and the love and nurturing you put in to ensuring the quality and health of each puppy is outstanding! I was even more impressed, if that's possible, after visiting your home and meeting my little boy for the first time. I am absolutely in love! Per our several phone conversations I knew how devoted you are to each and every puppy but after meeting each of your own dogs in your home and seeing first hand the warm and loving environment in which these puppies get their first start in life is truly a blessing. Your daily pictures and video of my little boy playing with his sisters are so prescious. It makes me feel like I am experiencing his first few weeks right there with him and this means a lot to me. Your informational blogs you post has totally prepared me to know what to expect, from feeding him to what size and type of cage to buy and everything in between. And I know from our continuous conversations we will have even after I bring my little boy home you will so wisely guide me through any questions, concerns, or problem solving solutions I may have, and of course laughter and chuckles of each new adventurous puppy step my little boy makes. Sally, again I want to thank you for not being a puppy mill breeder but rather a loving and devoted puppy creator of perfection and love in which I saw shine and radiate from each and every one of your puppies. In all of my research, and I researched several, did I expect to find one like you. You are absolutely one of a kind, thank you very much.

    Denise Vallier

  2. I just wanted to comment that my little Angel Baby, Tigh, has his PAL and a couple AKC titles. He's two years old and in addition to his current titles, we're finishing up his tricks titles and have started on scent and agility! Don't be fooled by this adorable, 4 pound cotton ball cuddling his mama any chance he gets, he's small but mighty!

  3. Replying to July 18, 2020 Anonymous...That is so fantastic that your baby Tigh is earning titles. How fun for both of you!
    Mary M Gresham Or


  4. This would have been fun in our earlier years !

  5. Not interested in this for our puppy. Just a loving home.
    Colleen T