Carpet Cleaning Tip For Removing Dog Or Cat Odors So The Carpet Smells Fresh And Clean

I love the warm, soft feel of carpeting under my feet in my house. Keeping it clean and fresh can be a challenge when having one or multiple pets in the house but it can be done. This is what I do to keep my carpets smelling wonderful despite "accidents".

You will need:

A carpet cleaner with a large top water canister/dispenser
Hot tap water
Mr Clean (or some other cleaning product that is a degreaser)
Downy Fabric Softener (or some other fabric softener)
Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover (get at Petco, Petsmart or maybe Walmart)

Fill the top water canister/dispenser half way with hot tap water from the sink. Put 1cup Mr Clean, 1cup Downy and 1 cup of Nature's Miracle in with the water. Fill the rest of the way to the top with tap water but run it VERY SLOWLY or it will cause suds.

Mr Clean cleans the carpet. Pre-treat any spots on the carpet before you begin so that they will come out as you clean.

Nature's Miracle removes stains & odors and it says it prevents pets from staining or marking. Pre-treat obviously soiled areas with a lot of this. It also comes in a spray bottle.

The Downy prevents soap suds as you scrub the floor, makes your carpet soft and smells wonderful!!!

As you clean the carpet, constantly release the fluid mixture onto your carpet till it is very wet. Let it sit for a bit. They go back over it and suck up excess fluid. There is no need to go over it with clear water. In my case, this is all that is needed to fully clean my carpets.

The way I do it to clean about 900 sq ft is I clean a small area, about 1/4th of the 900 sq ft = 225 sq ft. For that 225 sq ft I use the entire container of fluid on it and then suck it up. I then empty the bottom dirty container into the comode. I refill the top container with the above stuff and do it again. I do this 4 times.

Once done, my carpet is clean, soft and smells soooo good! Your's will too.


  1. Using Downey is brilliant! Thanks for the tip!

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  3. I love these cleaning tips and will definitely be using them. What great information.
    Sharon D., Chehalis, WA

  4. Thanks for the information.

  5. Angela Portland OrJune 9, 2023 at 4:44 PM

    Wow! I used natures miracle before. But now I learned something new! Downy causes less suds during cleaning! Thank you for the amazing tips!